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‘They Were Calling Me Anorexic,’ Teen Became Model After Being Bullied
6-04-2013, 08:32 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Indiana teen-turned-supermodel Grace Hartzel’s story is like a modern day fairytale.

The 17-year-old poser, who has modeled for the likes of Chanel and Marc Jacobs and is quickly establishing herself as a top model in the fashion industry, reveals to The Indy Star her painful struggle as an awkward looking child and how being a “tall, skinny weird girl,” in her youth led her to a successful career on the catwalk – and RadarOnline.com has the details.

“It’s like my No. 1 dream and I’m doing it,” Grace said about her glamorous career as a model.

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Growing up in Chicago, Illinois, the family reveals that she was treated differently, and not in a good way, because of her looks.

“I felt she was being excluded from some things because of her height,” Kimberly Hartel, her mother, explains about why she wanted her daughter to model. “I was trying to give her something that would help build her up. This is something you can do only if you are tall.”

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“I’ve always been the tall, skinny weird girl,” Grace said. “People are mean. . . . I remember going on spring break my freshman year (to Siesta Key, Fla.) and there were girls from somewhere in Indiana. They were calling me anorexic. It’s been happening my entire life.”

Her mother attempted to get her career going as a model, but it didn’t exactly take off until they moved to Zionsville, Indiana, where fate interjected.

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Approached in a St. Louis Cheesecake Factory by the same women who discovered Ashton Kutcher, Mary Clarke and her husband Jeff, her career immediately took off when the Mother Model Management team took her to New York City.

Despite her instant success, Grace’s mother admits that she faces backlash and judgment from other parents.

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“They won’t come right out and say they couldn’t let their daughter do that. But they will to where you know they are (thinking) ‘Are you crazy? Your daughter is over in London and she is 17,’” she said. “I kind of get a little defensive because you want to feel like you are a good parent. So it’s a little hard.”

In addition to her travel schedule, her mom also reveals that people judge her parenting because of her daughter’s super skinny body, but she insists that she gets her physique not through starvation but because of her husband’s genes. She claims her daughter eats lots of fruits and vegetables mixed with less of her favorite junk food, like double-stuffed Oreos.

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Though Grace is loving every minute of her success as a top model, she does admit that she misses being a normal high school girl.

“I never thought . . . that I would miss being in high school but, I mean, you do a little,” Grace said. “I miss the day-to-day routine. But if I ever went back I would for sure get sick of it. I like traveling to these amazing places.”

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Would you let your teenage daughter become a model? Sound off below.

5 Facts About the New 'Evil Dead '
6-04-2013, 08:32 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Evil Dead
Evil Dead, the remake of the 1981 horror classic of the same name, already garnered itself a ton of controversy before its April 5 release. Sure to bring a whole new audience to the beloved horror ...

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Jason Segel Penning Young Adult Book Series
6-04-2013, 08:32 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Jason Segel
Actor Jason Segel is adding author to his resume after turning an old film script into a new book series for young adults. The Muppets star reveals he came up with the story when he was 21 and so...

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'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Star Kenya Moore Releases 'Booty Boot Camp' Exercise DVD
6-04-2013, 08:32 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Kenya Moore booty boot camp
"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star and former Miss USA Kenya Moore just released "Kenya Moore: Booty Boot Camp," which offers three 20-minute workouts to sculpt your lower body, shrink your wais...

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Celebrity Birthdays - April 6, 2013
6-04-2013, 08:32 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Diora Baird
Happy Birthday to: Actress / model Diora Baird (1983) Actor Kwesi Boakye (1999) Actress Peyton R. List (1998) Model Hilary Rhoda (1987) Supermodel Heidi Mount (1987) Actor Bret Harrison (1982...

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Danny Pintauro Gets Engaged To Boyfriend
6-04-2013, 08:32 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Danny Pintauro
After one year of dating, former "Who's The Boss" actor Danny Pintauro is engaged to marry his boyfriend. On Wednesday, Pintauro, 37, accepted boyfriend Will Tabares' proposal during an anniversary...

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Teyana Taylor Clarifies Karrueche Kiss
5-04-2013, 08:06 | Category: Freemix News | Author: Dumary

''They See What They Want To See''
6:00AM ET April 5th, 2013
Contributor : Erica Moore
A Rocky Williform Company

Teyana Taylor Clarifies Karrueche Kiss

Teyana Taylor spoke to VIBE Vixen about the photo that surfaced earlier this year of her smooching Chris Brown's ex-girlfriend, model Karrueche Tran. She laughed off lesbian rumors and said that people are going to interpret things however they want to.

“I didn’t even know what all the fuss was about [laughs],” she explained. “I read some of the comments like, ‘Yeah, she’s just trying to get attention.’ But you know what’s crazy? My sneaker sold out in 10 minutes. But that news took exactly 10 days for it to finally actually make a blog. Then you have the kiss—and Karrueche is my girl, my friend…girls do that all the time—and that makes it on a blog in just 24 hours. And people have the nerve to say, ‘Oh, she’s doing it for attention.’ But they see what they want to see.”

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Keyshia Cole Mad At The-Dream?
5-04-2013, 08:06 | Category: Freemix News | Author: Dumary

''He's Only Wrote 1 Song On 1 of My Albums''
6:00AM ET April 5th, 2013
Contributor : Erica Moore
A Rocky Williform Company

Keyshia Cole Mad At The-Dream?

The-Dream ruffled some feathers after DJ Envy of "The Breakfast Club" asked him about working with R&B star Keyshia Cole in the wake of her one-sided beef with Beyonce. "Would you ever do a record with Keyshia Cole?" Envy asked. and Dream's response was honest. "Right now, because of what’s happened, I can’t. I think she would respect why I can’t. That’s my family," he said.

"So you just say “Bow Down” b!tc# and hang up?" Envy said. "Lol…no you just have grown-up conversation, like ‘Yo, you talkin’ bout my family, you can’t do that.’”

Well, that quote led to The-Dream continuing to defend his stance.

"Really sooo no one is loyal to anything. People can't just say things about anyone and expect for their friends to be absent. I have nothin...but Love for Kesha," The-Dream tweeted later.

"And if anyone feels they need to speak there mind please do," he continued. "And no I'm not all that and their are great producers and writers around its...But that has nothing to do with it."

"I think anyone who is commenting on where I stand should check ure friends, or Be checked by their friends," his rant went on. "Cause I only know one Code."

"Where they do that at?"

"Be better people period," The-Dream added. "And be Positive and if u aint got nothin good to say then don't say nothin at all! Moving on got sh*t to do."

Cole shared her feelings on the controversy.

"Dream not writing any songs for me is fine," Keyshia replied. "I'm on my 6th album... He's only wrote 1 song on 1 of my albums, which I did love, God Bless."

Chris Brown Recalls Love Triangle
5-04-2013, 08:06 | Category: Freemix News | Author: Dumary

''Ah Sh*t! Now You Just Made It Even Harder''
6:00AM ET April 5th, 2013
Contributor : Martin James
A Rocky Williform Company

Chris Brown Recalls Love Triangle

During an interview on "Sway In the Morning," controversial R&B singer Chris Brown explained how his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran and his former-and-now-current girlfriend Rihanna collided in late 2011--sparking the most talked-about love triangle of last year.

“[In the video]I talked about and I elaborated on the fact that I was in love with two females," Brown said. "So, you know, during that process, their feelings towards that…..you know, women are emotional, men are emotional. And I can’t be selfish and think that they would have an okay feeling towards it."

"But I just had to be honest and if they accepted it, they accepted it and if not, that’s just my consequences because that’s just how I feel," he added. "The good thing is that, they’re two both wonderful women and they just was like 'You know what? We just want you to be alright.' And then I was like “ah, sh*t!, Now you just made it even harder."

Jay-Z and Beyonce Visit Cuba
5-04-2013, 08:06 | Category: Freemix News | Author: Dumary

Couple Celebrates Their 5 Year Anniversary
11:30PM ET April 4th, 2013
Contributor : Erica Moore
A Rocky Williform Company

Jay-Z and Beyonce Visit Cuba

Jay-Z and Beyonce decided to spend their anniversary on an island.

No, not St. Martens or the Bahamas. The Carters took a little vacay to Cuba to celebrate five years of marital bliss. They brought their respective moms, Gloria Carter and Tina Knowles along for the trip, too.

With Beyonce photographed with her camera with her at all times, its safe to say there will be new Tumblr pics for her fans to drool over. She just released her new single and her "Mrs. Carter" world tour kicks off in about two weeks in Serbia.

Busta Rhymes Denies Restaurant Tirade
5-04-2013, 08:06 | Category: Freemix News | Author: Dumary

''All I Can Do Is Laugh''
4:30PM ET April 4th, 2013
Contributor : Rayna Dean
A Rocky Williform Company

Busta Rhymes Denies Restaurant Tirade

Rapper Busta Rhymes was accused of cursing out employees at the Cheeseburger Baby restaurant in South Beach this week after they wouldn't allow him to cut to the front of the line. The manager even claimed that the hip-hop star called back and threatened the staff.

But Busta says it's all a bunch of nonsense. He took to Twitter to laugh off the claims.

"Funny the sh*t mu'f*cka's come up with. All I can do is laugh. Lmfao!!," Busta tweeted.

He did not share his version of what happened, however.

Bussa Bus has been known to have a temper, though.

The Leeward Islands Cricket Association To Celebrate 100 Years Of Cricket With Black Tie Gala
5-04-2013, 08:06 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

The Leeward Islands Cricket Association (LICA) is this year celebrating 100 years of organized cricket in the sub-region. As part of the celebrations, LICA will be holding a black tie gala event in Antigua. This event is confirmed for Saturday, 6th April, 2013 at the Grand Royal Antiguan Resort.

LICA will use the event to honour several persons who have served the sport in various capacities over the years, as well as to recognize the contributions of many who have blazed the trail but are no longer with us.

leeward islands cricket association

Organized cricket among the islands in the Leeward Islands were first held in 1913. Teams initially played for the Hesketh Bell Shield, in honour of the Governor of the Leeward Islands at the time – Sir Hesketh Bell.

One of those persons whom LICA plans to honour is Elquemedo Willett of Nevis, who in 1973 became the first player from the Leeward Islands to gain selection to the West Indies team. Willett recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of that selection. Two players from the Leeward Islands have since gone on to captain the West Indies team.

Other persons who will be recognized include administrators, volunteers, sponsors, fans and other persons who have contributed to cricket in the Leeward Islands.

Limited tickets for this gala event are now available and may be purchased from member associations. For further details and ticket information, please contact your local association.

Leeward Island Cricket Association is the governing body for cricket in the Leeward Islands.

The Leeward Islands team began playing First Class cricket in 1958. However, between 1966 and 1981 they played along with the Windward Islands as the Combined Islands in the regional First Class tournaments. After the Combined Islands won the regional tournament in 1981, they were again split up into the Leeward Islands and Windward Islands. Dominica was initially part of the Leeward Islands.

Current LICA membership: Antigua Barbuda Cricket Association, Montserrat Cricket Association, Nevis Cricket Association, St Kitts Cricket Association, Cricket Saint Maarten, Anguilla Cricket Association, BVI Cricket Association, Paradise Cricket (USVI CA) Association

[Windies Cricket]

VIDEO: Khago Speaks on Management Break up
5-04-2013, 08:06 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

khago onstage 2013

Dancehall star Khago stopped by Onstage with Winford Williams over the weekend to discuss his highly publicized departure from Downsound Records (DSR).

Rumor has it that Khago is on his fourth management deal but in the interview he denies having management agreements with Stashment Records and Corey says Todd stating his only manager to date is Bankylus.

According to the “Road Dwag” singjay, he never had a management contract with Downsound, home to Nature, Specialist and most recently veteran dancehall deejay Ninja Man.

According to Khago label boss Joe Bogdanovich offered him a package he could not refuse but fell short of many of his promises.

“I gave him the opportunity to book for me, so he said okay 10% for bookings, so while I was on tour 2012 he said okay I am going to do certain things for you as a manager but I am going to take 23%, so I said put it on paper and let me see it and when I see all the things he said he would do for me I never turned it down,” Khago said.

In the interview with OnStage, Khago revealed that most of his bookings were being done by Ny-based Violet, who would take 10% before sending funds to DSR, who would then take their cut for the same booking.

Since his announcement last week that he has parted ways with Downsound, folks are coming out the woodwork stating that Khago is crazy and difficult to manage.

During the interview, Khago also jokingly said he went to Downsound mad and that is the reason the label did not drive him crazy.

Watch the interview below.

Khago who in a prior interview with Williams called himself “Rotten head” when asked about his beefs with Agent Sasco who he renamed Fischo and Sizzla who he called Fizzla.

American Idol Down To Top 6: Who Was Sent Home?
5-04-2013, 08:06 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Another singer was eliminated from American Idol Thursday, continuing an unexpected trend, and raising some eyebrows in the process.

SPOILER: Who Was Eliminated On American Idol?

Yet another guy was given his walking papers, as Louisiana native Burnell Taylor finished last, after stumbling during his Wednesday night performance of Bon Jovi’s You Give Love a Bad Name.

While Mariah Carey was crying over Burnell’s elimination, the judges did not unanimously agree to award him a save after his last chance performance of India.Arie’s Ready For Love.

“I’m sorry, no,” Randy Jackson told him. “Good luck brother, we love you, we love you.”

While many might have expected Lazaro Arbos to be sent home — especially after forgetting the song lyrics twice a night earlier – the resilient 21-year-old from Florida wound up among the top three in votes received. (The inspirational singer might get cut even more slack in coming weeks, as he remains the only boy left in the competition, and the heartthrob vote has to go somewhere.)

Thursday’s show also featured performances from season nine finalist Casey James, and Idol winner-turned-mainstream superstar Carrie Underwood, who returned to the show that made her a star to belt out her new single, See You Again.

The remaining singers in the competition are Arbos, Janelle Arthur, Candice Glover, Kree Harrison, Amber Holcomb, and Angela Miller.

Watch the video on RadarOnline.com

American Idol‘s 12th season continues next Wednesday on Fox at 8/7c.

Mother Reads Teen Daughter’s Heartbreaking Suicide Note At Bullying Hearing – I Didn’t Want To Die, Just Wanted To Be Saved Pain
5-04-2013, 08:06 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

A West Lafayette, Ind. mother — whose 14-year-old daughter hanged herself less than a month ago after being tormented by bullies — swayed senators with testimony this week, citing passages from her daughter’s suicide note.

Danielle Green read her daughter’s heartbreaking final letter to the Senate Education Committee, convening in Indianapolis, Ind., prior to the group passing a bill mandating school districts study, train, track and report bullying incidents on a more stringent basis.

PHOTOS: Mother Reads Teen Daughter’s Suicide Note At Bullying Hearing

In the note, Danielle’s late daughter Angel wrote, “To all the bullies that have called me names, [you] are the reason why I am feeling the way I am now. I didn’t want to die. I just wanted to be saved from the pain.”

The late teen penned a separate note to her mother, writing, “I’m really sorry that I did this … don’t you EVER think it was your fault. Because it’s not. I love you so much and I couldn’t ask for a better mom … but my heart can’t take this pain. It’s bullying that killed me. Please get justice.”

PHOTOS: Bullied Bailey Dies After Recess Attack

Danielle said bullies called her daughter “whore, slut and countless names, and told her she was worthless,” constantly making fun of her red hair and freckles. The abuse eventually led Angel to hang herself Mar. 5, on a tree that could be seen where the school bus passed by daily.

“She did this before the bus was going to be there,” Danielle explained, “so her bullies would see her.”

Danielle said she testified in hopes that the official mandate be passed so “the schools … have more training,” and “the kids and everybody to have support and resources for how to handle it.”

Following the bill’s passing, Danielle said, “My daughter’s story is now heard — it gives my Angel wings.”

PHOTOS: Celebrity Death Threats

The bill will now be discussed and and voted on by the entire senate.

If you, or anyone you know, is struggling with thoughts of suicide, please immediately seek help — you can speak with a skilled, trained counselor at a national Suicide Prevention Lifeline crisis center in your area, anytime 24/7 — call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Amanda Bynes: ‘I Have An Eating Disorder So I Have A Hard Time Staying Thin’
5-04-2013, 08:06 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Amanda Bynes took to Twitter Thursday claiming she has an eating disorder, and bashing the media for their ongoing coverage of her goings-on.

“I have an eating disorder so I have a hard time staying thin,” the What I Like About You star wrote late Thursday, a day after several outlets published photos of her looking disheveled on the streets of New York on her 27th birthday.

PHOTOS: Amanda Bynes Claims She Has An Imposter

“They write a news article about every tweet I write and I hate the pictures they choose,” she wrote of the media. “They repeat what I tweet then add a bad photo.”

The former Nickelodeon star wrote that the only stories she reads about herself is when she gives an interview.

PHOTOS: Amanda Bynes Transformation From Child Star To Hot Mess

“Don’t trust what u read on sites!” she wrote. “Only use photos from my twitter when writing an article about me.”

Earlier this week, Bynes claimed she had a doppelganger in New York that the media mistakenly thinks is her.

PHOTOS: Amanda Bynes Has A Bizarre Encounter With Paparazzo

The actress made headlines in 2012 creating plenty of legal blotter, including a DUI, a hit-and-run, as well as two incidents of driving with a suspended license.

Bynes, who said she is retired from acting, has had troubled relations with her family in recent times. She moved from Los Angeles to New York City last autumn, saying she wanted to expand on her fashion career.

Round Two For Katy & Russell? Brand ‘Providing Shoulder To Cry On’ For Ex-Wife Perry Over John Mayer Split
5-04-2013, 08:06 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Could Katy Perry and ex-husband, Russell Brand, be heading for a reunion?

The outspoken British comedian has been nursing the Firework singer through her painful break-up with John Mayer — and sparks are flying between the former couple, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

PHOTOS: Katy Perry & John Mayer Grab Dinner

The pair still talk, despite their sudden shock divorce and Katy, 28, has been texting Russell, 37, for advice.

“Russell may appear like a comic book character, but he’s got a wise head on his skinny shoulders,” a source tells Radar.

PHOTOS: Katy Perry’s Sassy Fashion Over The Years

“Katy reached out to him after she split with John, bemoaning her luck with men and Russell provided her with some much-needed reassurance.

“He flattered her with compliments and just listened to her every word. Russell also used his wit to cheer Katy up.

“They were the best of friends when they were together, and despite the fact they are no longer married they’ve managed to stay civil to one another.

PHOTOS: Katy Perry And John Mayer Get Cozy At Rolling Stones Concert

“She’s very respectful of Russell’s reasons for their break-up and would never overstep the line by begging for him to come back.

“But she does, however, think that he was definitely the love of her life. It’s left a lot of people wondering if she thinks that she could have fought harder to save their marriage,” the source reveals.

PHOTOS:  Stars Come Out For Clive Davis’ 2013 Pre-Grammy Bash

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, Mayer, 35, wasn’t happy that his now ex-girlfriend was still on friendly terms with Russell.

The lusty Lothario grew tired of Katy’s comparisons between him and Brand, and it created a tension between them that threatened to boil over at any point.

“John and Katy together were like a volcano just about to go off,” a source revealed.

PHOTOS: Stars On The Red Carpet At Trevor Project Awards Gala

“Their relationship was incredibly volatile, stemming from the jealousy they both harbored deep inside.

“Sure, Katy was unhappy that John constantly flirted with other girls and played up his heartbreaker image, even when she was standing next to him.

PHOTOS: Katy & John Out In The Big Apple!

“But, Katy gave it back. She knew that she could push John’s buttons by comparing his flaws to what she saw was great in Russell, which he hated!

“Katy and Russell still talk to one another, and that was another thing that irked John. He’s never been in a relationship where he wasn’t the main focus all the time and it bothered him,” the source said.

Just Call Her Kim Kojak! Kardashian Defends Hiring P.I. & Hacking Into Scott Disick’s Phone Records ‘This Is Our Call Of Duty!’
5-04-2013, 08:06 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Kim Kardashian does not trust her sister Kourtney’s baby daddy Scott Disick, and she’s taking drastic measures to find out what he’s been up to – including hacking into his phone records!

In the upcoming episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami Khloe Kardashian is staying with her sisters when Kim tells her about her secret plot to expose Scott.

PHOTOS: Kim Wears Fancy Frock To Grab Frozen Yogurt

“I tell Jake that I will leave the garage door open so he can put a tracker on Scott’s car,” Kim fesses up about the PI that she’s hired, before suffering a twinge of guilt, that doesn’t last for long.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this! I’m so nervous.”

PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian Recycles Her Pregnancy Pants In Paris

Khloe, dressed in a stylish leopard print robe as she eats breakfast, warns Kim not to do this to Kourtney.

“She is literally going to kill us!” she tells her devious sibling, who defends her under handed actions.

PHOTOS: Pregnant Kim Kardashian Rocks A Nude Colored Baby Doll

“This is our call of duty!

“We can find out so much if we can just get his phone bill,” Kim schemes and gets on the computer to hack into his account.

PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian Has Another Maternity Clothing Catastrophe

“You are so stupid!” Kim exclaims as she easily logs into Scott’s password protected phone records.

Will Kourtney catch her sister’s sneaky moves?

Watch the video on RadarOnline.com

Check out the clip of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami and tune in for the show Sunday on E! at 9/8c.

Celebrity Birthdays - April 5, 2013
5-04-2013, 08:05 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Hayley Atwell
Happy Birthday to: Actress Hayley Atwell(1982) Actress Lily James (1989) Actor Tom Riley (1981) Actor Erik Aude (1980) Neptune Pharrell (1973) Actress Krista Allen (1972) Singer Paula Cole ...

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Gisele Bundchen Shows Off Her Beautiful Post-Baby Body In Brazil
5-04-2013, 08:05 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Gisele Bundchen
Gisele Bundchen looked long and lean at a Pantene Shampoo P&G event to announce new hair products at Grand Hyatt hotel in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Wednesday.

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Jada Pinkett-Smith Responds To Open Marriage Rumors - But Doesn't Deny Them
5-04-2013, 08:05 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Jada Pinkett and Will Smith
Jada Pinkett-Smith has given credence to rumors that she is in an open marriage with Will Smith after she refused to deny them in a recent interview.

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The Jonas Brothers Get Horny For Booty-Shaking Cheerleaders In New Video, 'Pom Poms'
5-04-2013, 08:05 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Jonas Brothers Pom Poms
The Jonas Brothers are back! The sibling trio just released the video for their first single in three years, "Pom Poms," which features several scantily-clad cheerleaders shaking their booties, fir...

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Florida Locals Slam 'Pain & Gain' Producers For Portrayal Of Real-Life Tragedy
5-04-2013, 08:05 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Pain and Gain
Florida locals affected by the Sun Gym Gang's brutal killings have taken aim at producers behind Mark Wahlberg's new action thriller Pain & Gain for painting the tragedy in a comedic light. The f...

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Lil Wayne's First Public (Party) Appearance Post-Seizures + Rick Ross' Second Half Assed Apology Over Rape Lyric
4-04-2013, 16:18 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

 photo image001_zps79d88099.jpg

Lil Wayne made his first public appearance after his severe seizures that landed him in the hospital a few weeks ago.  Check out Weezy back to partying it up, plus Rick Ross' second apology he really could have kept to himself...


Weezy's back in party mode.  At least when it comes to supporting his homies.  He made his first public appearance (above) this week at Miami hotspot Mansion’s EXCESS MONDAYS party for rapper Rocko’s release. Weezy had Birdman at his side and looked healthy and fresh-faced...as fresh faced as he could look. 

And sources at the party say it was only bottles of water at a VIP table.  We're going to keep hope alive that his lil self keeps it that way.  He stayed out till around 3AM party with Busta Rhymes and the rest of his crew.  We'll see how all this goes...


 photo rick-ross-with-drink-646_zpsc460be44.jpg

And just when we were about to give Rozay a second chance at redemption since he's now been thoroughly schooled on the FULL definition of rape.....he goes and displays his idiocy again.

After issuing a non-apology via Q93 in New Orleans last week for his "U.O.E.N.O." lyric that was a description of a rape situation, he's tried again.  And failed. 

Previously he told the radio station he never said the WORD rape.  So that means he wasn't talking about rape at all when he says he drugged a woman and had sex with her without her even knowing about it.  Yes, he actually said this.

So today, he's taken to his twitter to show us he hasn't learned a damn thing.  He said:

I dont condone rape.  Apologies for the #lyric interpreted as rape. #BOSS

And if you're wondering why he issued this half assed apology a second time, it's because protests are growing against Reebok. Rick Ross is a brand spokesperson for the sneaker company and a release of a new Rozay design is out this week.  With all the growing negative publicity and boycotts outside the Reebok stores, Ricky tweeted today:

Apologies to my many business partners, who would never promote violence against women. @ReebokClassics @ultraviolet

I really wish people would either completely take FULL responsibility for the wrong things they say and pledge to never let it happen again because they have learned the error of their ways....or just completely shut it up.  Pick one and stick with it. No safe middle ground.  We'd respect you more.


The Randomness:

1.  DJ Clue released from jail.  STORY


Photo Credit: AllTheParties.com

"RHOA" Stars SHOW OUT At BRAVO's NYC Upfronts, Porsha Slaps On A Smile & Phaedra's Ready To POP!
4-04-2013, 16:18 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

 photo rhoaup2_zps8498ffed.jpg

The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" trekked it to NYC yesterday for the BRAVO upfronts.  And surprise....the soon-to-be-divorced Porsha Stewart made an appearance and was all smiles.  Does this mean she may be returning tot he show afterall?  Pics inside...


Look who's still in the fold. After Porsha Stewart cleared the heartless egg from her face after getting blindsided with divorce papers, she slapped on a smile and whipped her hair and makeup into shape to put on a brave and pretty face for last night's BRAVO Upfronts.

At Pillars 37 Studios, the whole cast of ATL Housewives was on hand to give media a look at what their show has done, and what's in store for the next season.  And since cameras were flashing, we're sure Kim Zolciak acted like she was still a true cast member of the Atlanta Housewives...as if she didn't play her co-stars out like she was "above them all."


 photo rhoaup5_zpsf05effb4.jpg 

Still, the ladies turned up looking fab for the occasion.  Kenya Moore kept it chic in a purple one shoulder dress and full body waves. 

 photo rhoaup7_zps4f8dbfc7.jpg

Her fave frenemy Porsha Stewart rocked a cute green dress and silver pumps. Is it just me or is that one of those "fake it till I can smile for real" smiles that could turn into a cry at any minute?  Sigh.  Keep ya head up girl.

 photo rhoaup12_zps6a7d4c50.jpg

 photo rhoaup1_zpsd59979cb.jpg

Phaedra Parks put on her wedges as she pulled off a balancing act with her baby belly.  Chick looks slightly painful and should be ready to pop any day now it seems.

 photo rhoaup20_zps12f9bb73.jpg

Kandi, who snapped a pic with BRAVO's "Millionaire Matchmaker" Patti Stanger kept it cute in a sexy black & white maxi dress and her usual wide slightly country belt.  She was also promoting her upcoming spinoff show "The Kandi Factory".  Wonder what happened when she and Kim Z., who she's suing, ran into each other.


 photo rhoAup9_zpsac0fd4f4.jpg

 photo rhoaup4_zps4e41d412.jpg

NeNe Leakes rocked a fresh and fun look in a flirty multi colored and purple satin mixed media style dress.


 photo rhoaup3_zps1d34bb89.jpg

Cynthia Bailey looked amazing in this blue & yellow chiffon maxi gown with a new longer auburn locks.  Very pretty as usual.


 photo rhoaup21_zpsd7591e3d.jpg

And it looks like Kim has found a friend in newbie Porsha.  Wonder how long that will last.

 photo rhoaup22_zps23315ee6.jpg

The new mom of four posed it up with her hubby Kroy Biermann as they promoted both "Housewives" and "Don't Be Tardy." 

Sidenote: What does im do all day?  What are we supposed to watch exactly?  No job (not even a semi-job for the cameras), no events, no wedding to plan, no charity work, no sugar daddy (that will appear on camera at least), etc.  So when she wakes up in the morning we're going to see her fixing her lopsided wigs, getting her cellulite treatements again and yelling at Sweetie all day to do stuff she really has all the time in the world to do her damn self?  Like, really.  It's just baffling.

 photo rhoaup15_zps7244e586.jpg

And Chef Roble was there as well to pub the upcoming season of his show.  Love him.

Photos: INF

AND IT CONTINUES: Keyshia Cole Responds To The Dream Saying He Won't Work With Her Over Beyonce Diss
4-04-2013, 16:18 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

 photo slideshow_1098201_KeyshiaCole0521A_zps090b7653.jpg

Retract those claws ladies! The Dream & Keyshia Cole are going at it in the places where all mature adult conversations go down in this business.....The Breakfast Club & Twitter. Check out inside why Key Key and The Dream are getting sassy with each other over that Beyonce diss...


After Keyshia threw shade at Beyonce over "Bow Down," The Dream put on his cape and announced he will no longer work with Keyshia because of it. Guess that means the backlash for shading "The Queen" has begun.  Sigh.  We told you this would happen Key.

During the "Falsetto" singer's interview on The Breakfast Club this week, the team did what they do best--stirred the shady pot. They asked Dream how he felt about Keyshia going for his girl over "Bow Down" and slamming her for doing the song. After he responded saying he wouldn't be able to work with her after that, Keyshia had some words of her own to say on Twitter about not being fazed:

Dream not writing any songs for me is fine... Im on my 6th album... He's only wrote 1 song on 1 of my albums, which i did love, God Bless

That one song, if you're wondering, is "Hey Sexy" off Key Key's latest album Woman To Woman.  Dream's blacklisting plan may have backfired because I swear he just gave that song more pub than not....since no one even knew about that track in the first place.

Dream tweeted after Keyshia's response (and the public's response about his stance):

Really sooo no one is loyal to anything. People can't just say things about anyone and expect for their friends to be absent. I have nothin But Love for [Keyshia]. And if anyone feels they need to speak there mind please do. And no I'm not all that and their are great producers and writers around its But that has nothing to do with it. I think anyone who is commenting on where I stand should check ure friends, or Be checked by their friends. Cause I only know one Code

He continued:

Where they do that at? Be better people period. And be Positive and if u aint got nothin good to say then don't say nothin at all! Moving on got shit to do.

Well anyway, check the full interview below of what Dream Ruxpin told TBC:

Meanwhile, Keyshia is set to hit the Superdome stage at the 2013 Essence Music Festival on Saturday, July 6, the same night as Bey's little sis Solange.


BONUS: Speaking of Bey, the brand new trailer for The Great Gatsby was released today. And with Jay-Z executive producing the soundtrack, it only makes sense his wife Beyonce teamed up with Andre 3000 for an original song for the movie, and Lana Del Rey and Florence + The Machine are also part of the soundtrack. It can all be heard below in the hot new trailer:


Photo Credit: Robb D. Cohen/Robbsphotos.com via Access Atlanta

Magic Johnson GOES OFF On Folks BASHING His Son, Says He'll Support Gay Athletes
4-04-2013, 16:18 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-04at85145AM.png

Magic Johnson spoke about the "outing" of his son Earvin Johnson III and how it may impact families struggling with sexuality even encourage some professional athletes to come out of the closet.  Watch Magic offer his support and protection inside....



"I'm a protector.  I'm going to protect my family."  Basketball legend turned mogul Magic Johnson had strong words for folks daring to bash his son EJ, who went public about his sexuality over the weekend in a bold way. 

"It bothers me that they're discriminating against anybody who's gay. I've been in the gay movement for a long time because of HIV and AIDS. I see young men who are black who couldn't come out, who couldn't tell their parents, their neighbors. So now, it's my son."

He continued, 

"This is the year 2013 --- we should stop discriminating against people.  And that's what I'm gonna do with my son. But I'll also support others. This is gonna be good for a lot of black young people."

During a lengthy interview with TMZ, Magic revealed that EJ's public "outing" had been in the works for a while.  "I think he really wanted to be out. But he was torn. ... He just didn't know how." Magic says recently EJ made the decision (with the full support of his family) to step out, 'This is my moment. This is my time. I'm happy to share with the world who I am.'

Since it happened, the family has grown stronger and EJ has been a lot happier.  "This is a good moment for us as a family, and a greater moment for him. Now he's just the bubbly kid we knew again. ... I'm behind him a million percent. This is really wonderful for him."

Magic also expressed to EJ how his decision might contribute to equality and understanding in a much larger way. He told "This is going to be bigger than you. We're not going to see it now. But you are going to have an impact."

Magic hope other families will follow his lead and talk openly with there children.  He revealed they had their first talk when EJ was 12.

 "We've known for a long time that my son EJ was gay," We finally had to sit down and talk about it. I told him, 'Look, I'm gonna love you regardless, just let me know. Are you, or aren't you?' And finally he said, 'Yes, I am.'"

Now, Magic hopes that this might create a road for acceptance and understanding in professional sports.  As owner of the LA Dodgers, he spoke about the possibility of one of his player being gay saying, "You really have to support that person, and help educate the public. If a play ever wants to talk to me about life or coming out, my doors are open."  He added that he'd protect them in any way he could.

"It's unfortunate that we have to go through some of this negative stuff," he continued. "But it's not gonna change me, it's not gonna change my son and the way I love him. If people can't understand it, that's on them."


Towards the end of the interview, Magic revealed that he's had a few conversations with professional athletes about being gay or HIV positive (wonder if he'll ever spill that info), but those individuals don't have the courage to speak openly or publicly for fear of backlash.  Do you think EJ coming out in such a bold way will give others the courage to walk in their truth?


Watch Magic discuss talking about sexuality with EJ's at age 12:

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames.


And watch Magic offer support to professional athletes who are in the closet:

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames.



K. Michelle Disses Rasheeda?
4-04-2013, 09:01 | Category: Freemix News | Author: Dumary

''Who Brags About A PIECE of Man?''
6:00AM ET April 4th, 2013
Contributor : Monica Coleman
A Rocky Williform Company

K. Michelle Disses Rasheeda?

"Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star K.Michelle seemed to be taking some subliminal shots at her castmate Rasheeda and her husband Kirk Frost--yet again. K. Michelle and Kirk got into a Twitter spat weeks ago, and K. Michelle has claimed that Frost is in the closet.

Season two of the show kicks off at the end of the month, and K. Michelle has already started getting her digs in.

"I just mind business and some of these b*tches started from the bottom and they STILL THERE! APRIL 22" she tweeted. "LOL."

"I'm bout to SANG tonight!!!" she added.

"Who brags about A PIECE of man?" she continued. "Sorry ill brag when I get a WHOLE man. Let the church say AMEN."

"Before u come for me make sure own sh*t is in order!" tweeted the reality star.

Kim K. Says Stop Picking On Her Style
4-04-2013, 09:01 | Category: Freemix News | Author: Dumary

''I Feel My Best When I Am In Heels...''
6:00AM ET April 4th, 2013
Contributor : Erica Moore
A Rocky Williform Company

Kim K. Says Stop Picking On Her Style

Kim Kardashian has always had her fair share of critics. Maybe more than her fair share of critics, actually. But the soon-to-be-mom was a little annoyed by everyone who decided to criticize her maternity wear choices. The reality star has rocked some pretty glamorous mommy clothes, and she says people should leave her alone about it.

"I saw some comments that were so critical!" she said. "It’s funny because [my sister] Kourtney warned me that when I get pregnant people’s opinions will be on an all time high and everyone will chime in! So I now see what she means."

"I saw some comments that the skirt is too tight for the pregnancy and that’s ridiculous!" she continued. "I bought this skirt a few sizes bigger and there is plenty of room. For any concern that my clothes are too tight, I have so many pieces custom fit for my growing body! They make pregnancy Spanx which are tight. So this theory sounds ridiculous! I feel my best when I am in heels and chic clothes! Happy mommy, happy baby!"

Nicki Minaj Says Lil Wayne Didn't Grope Her
4-04-2013, 09:01 | Category: Freemix News | Author: Dumary

''He's A Southern Gentleman...''
6:00AM ET April 4th, 2013
Contributor : Rayna Dean
A Rocky Williform Company

Nicki Minaj Says Lil Wayne Didn't Grope Her

Nicki Minaj had nothing but high praise for her Young Money boss, Lil Wayne, following Weezy's appearance in her sexy "High School" video. Despite Wayne's rep for being an uber-horndog, Nicki says he didn't try to cop a feel--not once.

“He refused to touch me, he’s so respectful, and then I was like, ‘Wayne,’ I was like, ‘You could do this,'" she told MTV. "But he was acting scared, like, ‘Yo, Nick, this is my dream. I’m gonna be a man after this video.’"

"He was just being crazy,” Minaj added. “But if I didn’t tell him ‘Yes, you can do this’ or ‘Touch this,’ he refused to do it, like he’s a southern gentlemen, which people don’t realize.”

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