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Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Dwight Eubanks Confirmed As Atlanta Caribbean Carnival Grand Marshall
15-04-2013, 08:30 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary


Celebrity stylist and reality star Dwight Eubanks has been confirmed as the Grand Marshall for the 2013 Atlanta Caribbean Carnival which takes place during the annual Memorial Day holiday.

Though she did not confirm whether he will design any costumes for the parade; president of the Atlanta Caribbean Carnival committee Patricia Henry revealed that the Purple Door owner will indeed be present.

The highly anticipated event takes place on Memorial Day, May 25th and brings together a cornucopia of cultures and colors and showcases the Caribbean at its finest on the streets of Atlanta, Georgia. This year, Atlanta Caribbean Carnival will be commemorating its 25th anniversary.

For more information and to reserve tickets for various Carnival events visit www.atlantacarnival.org

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Kelly Osbourne All Smiles Amid Sharon & Ozzy Split Reports, Brother Jack Cries ‘Bull****’
15-04-2013, 08:30 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Kelly Osbourne put on a brave face – in fact, she was smiling widely – as she left dad Ozzy’s Beverly Hills mansion on Sunday afternoon, amid reports that her parents are splitting up after 31-years of marriage, and RadarOnline.com has the pics.

Osbourne, 28, had morale support with her during with visit – she was accompanied by her boyfriend, vegan chef Matthew Mosshart.

PHOTOS: Kelly Osbourne All Smiles After Visiting Dad Ozzy

While as of early Monday morning, Kelly has yet to publicly comment on her parents’ supposed separation, her brother Jack was photographed — also smiling — at Lacoste Live’s 4th annual Desert Pool Party in Thermal, CA. as part of Coachella Valley’s Art & Musical Festival. Despite looking as if he was having a good time there, Jack still took to Twitter Sunday to angrily blast the stories, writing, “…it’s all bullsh*t. Last time I check a lot of British news papers weren’t amazing sources of accurate information. Moving on…”

PHOTOS: Jack Osbourne At Lacoste Live’s 4th Annual Desert Pool Party

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, stories first came to light this past weekend that Sharon and Ozzy have been living separate lives, and we’ve learned from numerous sources that The Talk host is staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel, while her rocker husband is in a nearby rented mansion.

Radar was among the first to break the news Saturday that the Osbournes have been living separate lives for weeks. We now know Sharon has been at the famed Pink Palace at least since the beginning of April.

PHOTOS: Kelly Osbourne Flaunts Her Massive Weight Loss In A Bikini 

The long-time couple is reportedly in the early stages of a separation.

A source told UK’s The Sun, ‘”They are living at different addresses and are not spending any time together. They row a lot.

PHOTOS: Kelly Osbourne Strips Down To A Bikini For Cosmopolitan Body

“They aren’t acting like husband and wife. It is unusual to not even have dinner together when both of them are five minutes apart,” the insider added.

Neither Sharon or Ozzy has issued a statement on the reported split, but both recently have been seen without their wedding rings.

Comedian Kevin Hart Arrested For DUI, Tweets: ‘I’M DRUNK MAN’
15-04-2013, 08:30 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

With refreshing candor, comedian/ actor Kevin Hart admits that yes, he was in fact drunk when he was pulled over by cops in Los Angeles early Sunday on suspicion of drunken driving, and that “it’s not a game or a laughing matter,” and RadarOnline.com has the details.

Police observed Hart, 32, driving erratically down a freeway at 90 mph in his black Mercedes, weaving across traffic lanes and almost hitting a gas tanker truck, the California Highway Patrol said in a statement.

PHOTOS: Sexy Stars Who Have Been Arrested

When patrol officers pursued him, he exited an off ramp and pulled over to the side of the road, authorities said.

“Mr. Hart had objective signs of intoxication and was unable to perform the field sobriety tests,” the statement read.

PHOTOS: Celebs Who Have Done Jail Time

Later, in a rather unusual move, Hart took to Twitter to admit his transgression, writing: “When the cop asked me to take the sobriety test I said ‘WHY WASTE OUR TIME … I’M DRUNK MAN.

“Drinking & driving is not a game or a laughing matter. People have lost lives because of stupid … this!,” he added, before ending with: “This is a wakeup call for me, I have to be smarter & last night I wasn’t … everything happens for a reason.”

PHOTOS: Celebs Who Have Battled Drinking Problems

Police booked him into jail and held him on a $5,000 bond.

The native Philadelphian started as a standup comedian whose first real break came in 2000 when he was cast by Judd Apatow for a recurring role on the TV series Undeclared. The series lasted only one season, but it led to other roles in movies like Think Like A Man, The Five-Year Engagement, Scary Movie 3, Along Came Polly and Soul Plane. His comedic reputation continued to grow with the release of his first stand-up album I’m a Grown Little Man in 2008, followed by Seriously Funny in 2010, and in 2011 Laugh at My Pain.

Who Refused To Call Out His Co-Star & Got Fired On All-Star Celebrity Apprentice?
15-04-2013, 08:30 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

He’s got a famous last name, but that didn’t save him from getting canned on Sunday night’s edition of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice. So who’s the latest celeb to hear those two dreaded words, “You’re fired!” from The Donald?

SPOLIER ALERT: Who got fired on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice?

Stephen Baldwin was fired on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday night after he flunked product placement 101 and then refused to criticize his project manager, Gary Busey.

PHOTOS: ‘All-Star Celebrity Apprentice’ Cast Parties Before Premiere

When teams headed by Gary and Trace Adkins had to dream up a silent movie-themed film to promote the suncare line Australian Gold, Trace’s group won the challenge. And that meant Stephen, who directed the movie for Gary’s team, found his head on Donald Trump‘s boardroom chopping block.

While Trace’s team featured the country star as a caveman whose life went from black-and-white to color after smoothing on Australian Gold sunscreen, Gary’s group showcased Lisa Rinna and a male model wearing old-fashioned bathing suits and kissing on a beach –until they were interrupted by wacky Gary wielding an Australian Gold bronzer bottle. By a close vote, the sunscreen line’s executives preferred Trace’s ad.

PHOTOS: Donald Trump Gets Roasted

Stephen was blamed for not including all of the Australian Gold products in their movie, only featuring one bronzer. Although Stephen explained to Trump that the team had simply run out of time to display the entire product line, the Apprentice head honcho was unimpressed. Trump also was surprised that Stephen praised Gary for doing “an amazing job” instead of criticizing him as project manager. Because it was a choice between the two of them as to who would go home, Trump frowned, “I wouldn’t have said that.”

And although he loyally praised all of his team members, Gary ultimately told Trump, “Stephen was the director and didn’t put the products in.”

PHOTOS: Reality TV’s Hottest Stars

After Trump fired Stephen, he admitted, “This was a tough one, I’ll be honest” and told Stephen that despite the dismissal, “I’m proud of you.”

However, Stephen wasn’t happy when he got thrown out of the boardroom and told viewers his advice for the remaining celebrity cast was to be like Donald Trump, “willing to disregard your morals and your character in order to be successful.” Then the Baldwin brother laughed, “Did I really just say that?”

Watch the video on RadarOnline.com

But the funniest lines belonged to the Donald. He asked former Miss America Katie Stam, who works with Australian Gold,what she thought of Lisa Rinna’s most prominent feature: “Do you like her lips? If you’d had lips like that would you have won Miss America? I don’t think so!”
All-Star Celebrity Apprentice returns next Sunday at 10/9c on NBC.

Real Housewives Fighting! Aviva Drescher & Ramona Singer Still Not Speaking
15-04-2013, 08:30 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Old feuds never end, especially if you’re in the cast of The Real Housewives of New York City!

Ramona Singer and Aviva Drescher famously battled during season 5 of the hit reality show and RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively that they’re still not speaking to each other!

And that fact made for a very interesting evening on April 11 when the two women found themeelves at the same event, in the same room.


PHOTOS: Ramona Singer Shows Off Her Banging Bikini Body

The ladies both attended the We Are Family Gala honoring Sting and Trudy Styler and it’s clear they certainly haven’t moved past their bad feelings!

“We did not speak,” Aviva told celebrity magnet Tom Murro at the NYC fundraiser.

The two women have had a contentious relationship and both have said they have no interest in repairing the damage, and last night was no different.

PHOTOS: Reality TV’s Hottest Stars

When asked if anything has changed with Ramona, Aviva said “No.”

“We did not speak. I did not see her nor avoid her. I don’t know what I would do beyond saying hello.”

As for Ramona, she said she’s very happy to be coming back for season 6 of the Bravo reality show.

PHOTOS: Ramona Singer With Her Wines

“As long I have fun doing the show I will keep doing it. My daughter Avery will be off to college this August which is bittersweet for me and all moms watching will see me trying to cope with this as we are so close and she is my only child.”

She generously donated Ramona Singer Pinot Grigio for the guests, and raved about the event.

“I loved the concert and such a great cause. It’s tremendous when celebrities use their fame for the good will of our planet. Sting and Trudie are an inspiration to us all, and it really shows how individuals can make a difference!”

She did say that nothing has changed in her crazy conflict with Aviva.

“It will be interesting to see where my relationship will go with Aviva for as of now we have what viewers saw at the end of season 5.”

Looks like they won’t be able to avoid each other in the same room for much longer!

‘It Smelled Like Urine’: Landlord Left To Clean Up Octo-Mom’s House Of Horrors After She Leaves Behind Trash, Horrendous Conditions
15-04-2013, 08:30 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

This is the mess Nadya “Octo-Mom” Suleman and her 14 kids left behind after she broke her lease on a southern California rental home.

RadarOnline.com has obtained exclusive photos that document what her horrified landlord found last week after he regained access to the house, a den of filth filled with piles of trash, scattered toilet paper, broken blinds, empty booze bottles and cans — even a half eaten pizza.

PHOTOS: Octo-Mom’s House In Squalor – See The Filth She Left Behind

The walls were left riddled with graffiti and discarded clothes and toys littered the stained carpet.

“Octo-Mom had not paid her rent for the month of April as of last Wednesday,” a source close to the landlord confirmed to RadarOnline.com.

“Then, in the middle of the night, she moved her furniture and the kids out of the home, leaving the house in filth and smelling like urine.

“The landlord was disgusted. There were beer bottles in the garage and trash littered all throughout the house.”

PHOTOS: Octo-Mom Strips Down For Sexy Shoot

The source said it was likely the much maligned Octo-Mom was served with a notice giving her three days to pay her outstanding rent or quit the lease.

“She’s bailed on the lease after trashing the home,” the insider added.

It’s not known where the baby-producing machine and her kids have moved.

Octo-Mom Erupts! Video Showdown With Her Mom Over Babies

The trashed residence is the same Palmdale, Calif. home the single, unemployed mom frantically cleaned up last December after the La Habra Police Department and the Orange County Dept. of Children and Family Services investigated her after receiving a complaint that she let her children live in horrendous conditions.

It wasn’t the first time Octo-Mom — who relies of food stamps — was subject to an investigation about the squalid conditions in which she and the children live.

In April of last year, a hair stylist provided photos of Octo-Mom’s kids running around barefoot with no pants, using portable potty training chairs in the backyard.

PHOTOS: Octo-Mom Celebrity Boxing Match

“She thought it was unacceptable that they’re half-naked, going potty. But moms out there, come on?” Suleman insisted, at the time.

As RadarOnline.com revealed last week, Octo-Mom — an occassional stripper and porn star — is receiving free health insurance from the Californian government, all while the L.A. County Dept. of Welfare Fraud Prevention investigates whether she is making more than minimum amount required to collect welfare.

'42' Lands Biggest Opening Ever For A Baseball Film
15-04-2013, 08:29 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Warner Bros. film "42" exceeded expectations at the box office, taking in $27.3 million during its opening weekend.

Read More >

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Celebrity Birthdays - April 15, 2013
15-04-2013, 08:29 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Emma Watson
Happy Birthday to: Actress Emma Watson (1990) Actress Maisie Williams (1997) Actress Madeleine Martin (1993) Swedish singer Amy Diamond (1992) Actor Seth Rogen (1982) Actress Susan Ward (1976...

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Victoria Justice Fights Back Over Leaked Photos
15-04-2013, 08:29 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Victoria Justice
Victoria Justice has vowed to discover the identity of a thief who stole her phone as personal photographs from the device have appeared online.

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One Direction Stars Turned Away From Slot Machines
15-04-2013, 08:29 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Liam and Louis
Even being the most popular men on the planet won't get you perks sometimes. Liam Payne, 19, and Louis Tomlinson, 21 from One Direction were reportedly turned away from slot machines at a motorway ...

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Fashion Fails: Aaron Carter Is Back
15-04-2013, 08:29 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Aaron Carter
It's Fashion Fail Time! That means we take a break from letting you know how good all of your favorite stars look to show the other side of fashion: the fails! Aaron Carter makes a rare public a...

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SHOTS FIRED: Drake Says Chris Brown Is "Insecure"...And He Respected Rihanna When She LANDED IN HIS LAP
13-04-2013, 09:47 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

 photo Drake-Chris-Brown-620-x-4001_0_zpsef7254ae.jpeg

During Chris Brown's recent publicity tour for his upcoming album X, he's addressed the Drake beef a few times.  But now, it's Drake's turn.  And dude is coming out the gate swinging...in his usual passive aggressive way....


A few years ago while Chris & Rihanna were broken up after their "incident", Rih was rumored to be getting it in with Drake.  The rapper appeared on her "What's My Name" song and in the video, and the two never denied the rumors.

Since Drake & Chris WERE homies, awkwardness set in. Which brings us to the still prevalent beef over Rihanna.

The "Started From the Bottom" rapper hit up Elliot Wilson's EVR radio show Friday evening and told folks media needs to "stop asking him sh*t about that man."  Drake called him insecure since his music is better than Chris' and  because Rihanna fell into his lap.  Sigh.

The passive aggressive shots continued when Drake was asked if he thinks it's the media who's stirring up the drama:

"For any media out there, don't ask me sh*t about that man when I come up there.  And leave that man alone.  Stop preying on his insecurities.  His insecurities are the reason I make better music than him...I'm more popping than him...At one point in life the woman he loves fell into my lap and I did what a real nigga would do and treated her with respect."


Drizzy continued:

"She's not up there talking down on me.  All those things combined creates an individual that comes up to your radio station and do dumb sh*t.  It shouldn't be about tearing that man down.  We have an issue.  And it's either going to drag out or maybe in 10 years we'll laugh about it over drinks.  Just leave that sh*t alone."

He said nobody wants to hear him attack Chris in a rap, and nobody wants to hear Chris rap, so you're not going to get anything out of it.  Essentially he's saying Chris is not the usual rapper he's beefed with in the past like Common or Jay-Z.  So...leave it alone.  Because "he's good".

Chris' response? An "LOL" on Twitter.

Hit up that 2:50 mark to hear everything Drake had to say:

PICTURE PERFECT: Cassie's New Forever 21 "Forever LA" Campaign + Solange Shoots Video In Houston With Bun B
13-04-2013, 09:47 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

 photo 1_1599_zps5bd5e903.jpg

Cassie's had a big week.  She just dropped her new mixtape RockAByeBaby, and now, she's starring in the "Forever LA" Forever 21 campaign.  Check out the model chick's new pics, plus what Solange Knowles is up to down in H-Town...


She's putting her model skills to good use, and we're definitely feeling it.  Cassie is rocking bright & colorful looks for Forever 21's new LA inspired campaign.  So the "Paradise" singer was the perfect choice to be the face of their new tropical-like pieces:

 photo 2_1478_zps0356283b.jpg

Fashion site Grazia broke the pics and described what the Spring 2013 Forever LA collection is all about:

The Forever LA collection has two parts, the West Side and the East Side. The East Side is inspired by 90s urban Los Angeles style with vintage and alternative style pieces - think Fresh Prince of Bel Air. While the West Side embodies the laid-back vibe of LA with abstract prints, vibrant sneakers and crop tops. The campaign is shot in LA (obvs) and Cassie poses in front of a hipster bike in a massive pair of shades and a graffitied tree trunk, then hits the beach in loud geometric prints.

Loves it.


 photo 59f98e46a25b11e2aeda22000a1f973b_7_zpsb22ad33e.jpg

And speaking of chicks posing it up pretty-style, Solange & rapper Bun B. gave us a sneak peek from the set of a new video they're shooting.  Bun said they were down in Houston shooting something special.  We can only hope it's that "I Been On" Texas All Star remix for Solo's big sis Beyonce.

Or it could be a new song or remix for Solange herself.  Either way, we're loving her look.  The finished product should be interesting....

Iggy Azalea SHUTS DOWN Rumors Of A Kanye West AFFAIR, SPEAKS ON Feeling OBJECTIFIED By Men
13-04-2013, 09:47 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-12at45727PM.png

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea is shooting down rumors about an alleged affair with Kanye West and opening up about feeling objectified by the music industry.  See what she says inside....



Iggy Azalea, who was put on the map as part of T.I.'s Hustle Gang group, has been making headlines around the world after rumors of an affair with rapper Kanye West gained traction.  

Now, with an interview for the Australian based website, The Music, the Aussie "Work" rapper shoots down rumors of an affair and gives interesting take on the sexual objectification of women in the music business.  On the one hand, she finds it disrespectful, on the other, she plays up the fact that fans can "google" shots of her A$$ she doesnt skip a beat with flaunting....since it means you're "interested" in something about her.  Here are the highlights:

On rumors of an affair with Yeezy:

“I was at the grocery store buying a rotisserie chicken to eat… and I ran in and got it and I was standing in the line, and you know when you’re standing in line and you see all the tabloid magazines and shit and I looked at it and I was like… ‘Kim gets dumped in Paris for sexy blonde’, ‘skinny blonde muse’, and I was like what the fuck? I’m looking and it’s my fucking face and I was like… [laughs] what? This is bullshit! I didn’t know we were having an affair until I was like in the grocery sure, buying chicken… it’s just like, and pictures of my butt, or whatever.”

On being objectified by men in the industry:

Even the other day, I won’t say who it was, somebody I work with in a label… and [they said] like ‘I like how she looked at the Brit awards, why can’t she look more demure’, and I thought ‘Fuck you, you’re a guy, you thought that that was a type of sexiness that appeal to you, something that was more demure, because you’re an older man, instead of something crass, me in a colourful pair of highlighter shorts, you still wanted me to be beautiful in your own way, and kind-of, to me it’s still objectifying me.”

On why she can accept being objectified by fans:  

I think it is annoying to see that dumb stuff, and yeah it is annoying to be objectified, yeah it is annoying that there’s a million pictures of my butt … [but] people are always going to interpret shit weird, or like things for different reasons, and fuck it. If you like my butt, you like my butt, at least you like something. I just have to look at it like that, or it’d be so frustrating.”


Folks who saw Iggy's "Work" video will see first hand that she REALLY doesn't mind showing her a$$ to the camera and objectifying herself for the fans. We guess she draws the line at music executives telling her when and how to "show it."

In case you missed it, watch Iggy "Work": 

DO WE LOVE IT?: Fantasia's "Without Me" Ft. Kelly Rowland & Missy Elliot
13-04-2013, 09:47 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

 photo artworks-000045359702-awq0ra-t500x500_zpse82d128a.jpg

Fantasia just dropped her brand new single for the masses.  Decide if we love "Without Me" featuring Kelly Rowland & Missy inside...


Fantasia's upcoming Side Effects Of You album (out April 23rd) is shaping up to be a heartbreak inspired classic.  And her new single "Without Me" is Fanny and her girls Kelly Rowland & Missy Elliot getting some things off their chests about a former lover letting outside attention get to their head.  And they're reminding their fellas they would be nowhere without them.

Check out the banger above.


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DRAMA: Injured LA Lakers Baller Jordan Hill SUED AGAIN By Ex-Girlfriend For ASSAULT!
13-04-2013, 09:47 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

 photo jhilllocks.jpg

Injured Lakers baller Jordan Hill has been cleared to suit up for the basketball court.  And he'll also need to suit up for LA County court thanks to in a new (kinda) domestic abuse case.  Get the deets on both "courts" inside....



LA Laker fans...good news for you.  Power forward Jordan Hill (pictured above out to dinner in L.A. last week), who was sidelined due to hip surgery three months ago, has been cleared for practice.  According to ESPN, Dr. Thomas Byrd in Nashville, Tenn. gave him the clear to being to begin training.  A spokeman for the Lakers estimates it would take another 3-4 weeks of on-court basketball drills before Jordan will be back at the Staples Center for good. 

But in the meantime....

Jordan may need to put on a nice double-breasted suit when he's called upon to face his ex-girlfriend Darlene Luna.

Earlier today, Darlene, who accused Jordan of felony assault in February 2012, linked up with high-powered attorney Gloria Allred (and we ALL know what that means) to file papers at the LA County Courthouse over their alleged domestic violence incident. 

Darlene alleged a year ago that Jordan left bruises on her legs and tried to choke her out.

According to TMZ, Jordan entered a plea of "no contest" in the criminal suit in exchange for a one-year deferred sentence and a $500 fine during the criminal trial a few months ago.  But that wasn't good enough for Darlene.  So today, she filed a civil suit.

There's no word yet on how much Darlene is seeking, but when folks hire Gloria....they usually ask for tons of zeros on those checks.

We'll keep you posted.....


Photo via Winston Burris/WENN.com

SO PUMPED!!!! Mission Catwalk Season 3 Premiers Tomorrow!!!!
13-04-2013, 09:46 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

mission catwalk season 3

The most skilful and talented group of designers yet!

Season three of Mission Catwalk has attracted some of the best emerging talent the Caribbean region has to offer. The show has expanded to include designers from St. Lucia, St, Vincent, Antigua, Haiti and Bahamas, who will now join the likes of Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, and Guyana in TV’s hottest design challenge. This year’s rivalry will redefine the term ‘fierce’. The audience is in for an entertaining season as these designers stitch their way to victory.


Models in final line up for judging of designs. 

Kay Davitian, a no-nonsense quality control expert, will whip the designers into shape as she takes on the task of mentoring the full group of designers this season. Kay Davitian has worked around the world for top design houses and has spent many of her years in the fashion industry working in factories for world-renowned designer Ralph Lauren and Jones New York in charge of their quality control division. Kay’s knowledge and skill set will change the dynamic of the garment construction process in the sewing room, increasing anxieties and stress level of the designers for a volcanic surge of skilled creativity, as we take the designs straight from the runway to retail stores.


Viewers will finally have a chance to get their favourite designs fresh off the catwalk. The winning designs for each episode will be reproduced and made available the next day at all Lee’s Fifth Avenue locations. One lucky designer will also receive a one-year contract with Global Purchasing Company, a full service buying office in New York. Global Purchasing Company represents over eighty boutiques across the United States and will represent our Caribbean designers in this market.

Season three kicks off on SATURDAY, APRIL 13 AT 8:30PM ON TVJ and will repeat on Tuesdays at 5:30PM.


Mission Catwalk is an exciting reality TV series aimed at discovering and developing talented fashion designers. The show features designers in fierce competition for top prizes that will help to launch their fashion career. Mission Catwalk tests and nurtures the talents of the contestants through numerous challenges and exercises geared at identifying and honing a range of creative skills and abilities. The series is set in Kingston, Jamaica and each hour-long episode comprises of four segments: the challenge, the design production, the runway show, and the elimination of a designer. The series lasts eleven weeks and culminates with three designers at a live showdown in Kingston. One designer will win the ultimate prize– to show their collection at London Fashion Week among other prizes.

The winner will receive the following prizes:
· An opportunity to show a collection at the London Fashion Week.

· JMD$500K funding to start their clothing line.

· Industrial sewing equipment valued at JMD$200K.

· A contract to sell their designs at Lee’s Fifth Avenue.

· A fashion editorial in 6 Carlos Magazine.

· A scholarship to pursue fashion program at London College Of Fashion.

Mission Catwalk will air on local TV networks in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Guyana, Grenada, Haiti, Antigua, St Lucia, St Vincent, Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda and other Caribbean islands via CaribVision.

JUDGES (Fron left) Courtney Washington, Carlton Brown, Novia McDonald Whyte

Host / Exec Producer: Keneea Linton-George – Fashion Designer/TV Producer
Judges: Novia McDonald-Whyte – Senior Associate Editor, Jamaica Observer, Carlton Brown – Menswear Designer
Mentor: Kay Davitian – Quality Control Expert
Guest Judges: Shaggy (Entertainer), Anthony Miller (TV Personality), Yendi Phillipps (TV personality), Marlon Samuels (Cricketer), Courtney Washington (Designer), Babatu Sparrow (Magazine Editor), Manuela Goren (Journalist), Colin Hylton (Chef), and Mercedes Gonzales (International Fashion Buyer).

Contestants: Alexis Campbell-Barbados, Anicia Brooks-Trinidad, Argent Roberts-Antigua, David Rolle-Bahamas, Elizabeth Jerimie-Trinidad, Katherine McDermott-Jamaica, Makisa Lewis-Trinidad, Marque Miller-Jamaica, Mwanza Glen-Guyana, Renardo Lloyd-Jamaica, Sharleen J Lagon-St Lucia, Sharon Shaw-Jamaica, Shernicia Mayer-St Vincent, Theodore Elyett-Bahamas, and Watson St Louis-Haiti.

Core Team: Michael Cushnie (Director/Editor), Gareth M Daley (Director of Photography), Keneea Linton-George (Executive Producer), Carolyn Bolt (Senior Producer).

Guadeloupe To Host Third International Congress of Caribbean Writers
13-04-2013, 09:46 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

congres_des_ecrivains caribbean-writers-congress

The third International Congress of Caribbean Writers will take place at the Langley Resort Fort Royal in Deshaies, Guadeloupe, French West Indies, from April 10 to 13, 2013.

Held under the theme “Our Fight for Freedom, A Collective Epic”, the prestigious event takes places every two years under the auspices of the Regional Council of Guadeloupe and the Association of Caribbean Writers.

The meeting attracts numerous renowned writers from the French, English, Dutch and Spanish speaking Caribbean. Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, French Guyana, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Jamaica, Panama, Puerto Rico, St. Lucia, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela will have representatives.

With participants drawn from so many countries in the Caribbean and Latin America organizers welcome an extraordinary diversity of cultural heritage on display, comprising the backbone of the common Caribbean existence.

Following appearances by St. Lucia’s Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott for the first edition, and noted writer Marcio Veloz Maggliolo of the Dominican Republic for the second, American novelist, short story writer and poet, Russell Banks will be the guest of honour at the third meeting this month. A committed man of letters, Banks is a prolific, award-winning writer of fiction and lectures in contemporary literature at Princeton University in New Jersey.

Banks will also lead the opening session on Thursday, April 11, with a debate about ‘The historic truth or romantic fiction of Caribbean literature’.

Over the four days of the writers congress, in addition to the intensive writing workshops, author meeting exchanges with the public, including school children, will take place.

The main objectives of the event include increasing the awareness and adding channels for the distribution of Caribbean literature across language barriers, within and beyond the region.

“The spirit of the Congress of Caribbean Writers is that the greater sharing of our experiences and our cultural heritage remains the best way of communicating with the world. We also believe that the presentations of literary work and strengthening of the Caribbean writers network will contribute to economic development within the region and the cultural sector in particular,” the organizers report.

Check out the FULL schedule below:

Mercredi 10 avril (Espace régionaL du Raizet)
17h00 Cérémonie d’ouverture Allocutions

Discours inaugural de Russell Banks

Jeudi 11 avril (Langtey Resort Fort RoyaL)
09h00 – 11h00 Mémoire et histoire: vérité historique et fiction romanesque
Président de séance : Roger Toumson (Guadeloupe)


1. Russell Banks (USA)

2. Aurea Maria Sotomayor (Porto Rico)

3. Gisèle Pineau (Guadeloupe)

4. Joanne Hillhouse (Antigua et Barbuda)

11h30 – 13h00 Les figures héroïques

1. Francesca Faithful Velayoudom (Guadeloupe)

2. Délia Blanco (St Domingue)

3. Raphael Confiant (Martinique)

4. Velma Pollard (Jamaïque)

14h30 – 16h00 Les esthétiques de (épopée collective)
Président de séance Délia Blanco (Saint Domingue)


1. Luis Britto Garcia (Venezuela)

2. Madison Smartt Bell (USA)

3. Lawrence Scott (Trinidad et Tobago)

4. Alain Foix (Guadeloupe)

18h30 – 19h30 Soirée Saint-Domingue
Soirée Saint-Domingue (dans le cadre de l’année de la République Dominicaine en Guadeloupe)

Vendredi 12 avril (Langley Resort Fort Royal)
09h00 – 11h00 Les oeuvres emblématiques de ta mémoire collective caribéenne
Président de séance : Andres Bansart (Venezuela)


1. Esther Phillips (Barbade)

2. Griselle Merced (Porto Rico)

3. Alexandre Alaric (Martinique)

4. Lyonel Trouillot (Haïti)

11h30 – 13h00 L’épopée collective au miroir de la poésie
Président de séance : Ernest Pépin (Guadeloupe)


1. Max Jeanne (Guadeloupe)

2. Mac Donald Dixon (Ste Lucie)

3. Annick Thébia (Guyane)

4. Chiqui Vicioso (St Domingue)

15h00 – 15h45 Grand entretien de Russell Banks avec les membres de L’Association des professeurs d’anglais
15h30 – 16h00 Conférence de presse de Russell Banks

16h00 – 18h00 Forum des écrivains – - Présentation des nouveautés éditoriales

19H00 Soirée du Conseil Général Hommage à Solitude.

Samedi 13 avril (Langley Resort Fort RoyaL)
09h00-11hOO Assemblée généraLe de l’association des écrivains de la Caraibe

11h00- 12h00 Exposé sur les droits d’auteur, juriste de la SGDL

14h00 – 16h00 Libre expression des écrivains

18h00 – 19h00 Remise du grand prix Littéraire de l‘Association des écrivains de La Caraïbe

20h00 Soirée de clôture – Dîner de gala.

Les écrivains invités
De nombreux écrivains ont été invités sans pourtant qu’il soit possible d’affirmer qu’ils seront tous présents :

1.Joanne C.Hillhouse (Antigua et Barbuda)

2.Marion Bethel (Bahamas)

3 Esther PhiIipps (Barbade))

4 Santiago Gamboa (colombie)

5 Yolanda Wood (Cuba)

6 Emilio Jorge Rodriguez (Cuba)

7 Gisele Pineau (Guadeloupe)

8 Hector Poullet(Guadeloupe)

9 Max Jeanne (Guadeloupe)

10 Gerty Dambury (Guadeloupe)

11 Max Rippon (Guadeloupe)

12 Frantz Succab (Guadeloupe)

I3 Alain Foix (Guadeloupe)

14 Francesca Vellayoudon Faithful (Guadeloupe)

15 Yann Garvoz (Guadeloupe)

16 Ariette Minatchy Bogat (Guadeloupe)

17 Jean Sahai (Guadeloupe)

18 Cathèriné Lepelletier (Guadeloupe)

19 Goorges Cocks ( Saint-Martin)

20 Ernest Pépin (Guadeloupe)

21 Roger Toumson (Guadeloupe)

22 Marie Abraham Despointes (Guadeloupe)

23 Lydlé Choucoutou (Guyane)

24 Annick Thébia (Guyane)

25 Lyonel Trouillot (Haïti)

26 Dominique BatraviU (Haïti)

27 Orcel Mikunzy (Haïti)

28 EmmeLie Prophète (Haïti)

29 Velma Pollard (Jamaïque)

30 Erna Brodber (Jamaïque)

31 Colin Channer (Jamaïque)

32 Leone Rose (Jamaïque)

33 Elizabeth Wilson (Jamaïque)

34 Alexandre Cadet-Petit (Martinique)

35 Raphael Confiant (Martinique)

36 Suzanne Dracius (Martinique)

37 Alexandre Alaric (Martinique)

38 Litiane Fardin (Martinique)

39 Yvonne Gombaud Saintonge (Martinique)

40 Griselie Mercod (Porto-Rico)

41 Aurea Maria Sotomayor (Porto-Rico – USA)

42 Emilia Pereyra (Saint Domingue)

43 Chiqui Vicioso (Saint Doiningue)

44 Della Blanco(Saint Domingue)

45 Marclo Veloz Maggiolo (Saint Domingue)

46 Kendet Hippolyte (Sainte-Lucie)

47 McDonaLd Dixon (Ste Lucie)

48 Robert Lee (Sainte-Lucie)

49 Adrian Augler (Sainte-Lucie)

50 Lucia Nankoe ( Surinam)

51 Earl Lovelace (Trinidad et Tobago)

52 Lawrence Scott (Trinidad et Tobago)

53 Eiisabeth Nunez Negron (Trinidad et Tobago)

54 Russell Banks(USA)

55 Madison Smart Bell (USA)

56 Andres Bansari (Venezuela)

57 Luis Brito Garcia (Venezuela)

CONFIRMED: Machel Montano Signed To Universal Music
13-04-2013, 09:46 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary


Billboard has confirmed that Soca phenom Machel Montano has signed a major record deal with Universal Music Group. This confirmation comes after Machel teased fans with some hints from a recent trip to Paris.

According to Billboard’s Pat Meschino, Montano signed a licensing/publishing contract with Universal Music France affiliate Label AZ and an agreement with the company’s management arm the Olympia Agency.

The deal covers continental Europe and the French West Indies and will see Olympia agent Marie Audigier and Port of Spain-based French national Jean Michel Gibert co-managing Montano in those territories.

Audigier recognized recognized hit potential in Montano’s single “Mr. Fete” while watching his performance of the song take first place at the 2012 carnival Groovy Soca Monarch competition.

Audigier brought Montano’s music to AZ Managing Director Julien Creuzard, who was equally enthused. The first single will be a remake of ‘Mr Fete’ featuring featuring French R&B singer Matt Houston, which is due out this summer.

“We are thrilled to be working towards taking this incredible artist’s music to the world,” Creuzard told Billboard.biz on the phone from his Paris office, minutes after Montano’s contract signing there. “We will use specific domestic acts to push Machel forward territory by territory. We are planning several new versions of his existing tracks as well as brand new material for his album.”

From left: Alexandre Amsellem, assistant to Marie Audigier; Jean Michel Gibert; Machel Montano; Olympia Agency’s Marie Audigier; AZ’s Julien Creuzard

Machel has been signed to major labels before- Delicious Vinyl (1995) and Atlantic (2000) which resulted in pop cuts. No projects were released with either label. AZ assures fans that Machel’s music will stay true its origin and not be watered down, “They’re not changing the music, because they love soca in its raw element, so we will continue to release great music with a major label’s support.”

“We are considering ‘Possessed’ for the AZ album, but will continue to independently explore its global potential,” Machel acknowledged. “It was an intense time hooking up these collaborations; we want them to matter to the world, not just to T&T’s carnival.”


Last weekend, Machel was in Jamaica for the Pandemonium concert which also featured Shaggy and Super Blue with homed he tied for the Power Soca Monarch crown. He also performed during the Bacchanal Jamaica Road March on Sunday April 7th.


Sorry Joe, John & Harry! Taylor Swift Crushes Her Exes In Concert Ticket Sales
13-04-2013, 09:46 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

If money can be Better Than Revenge, Taylor Swift is more than getting even with her famous ex-boyfriends when it comes to where it matters most for this group — concert ticket sales.

Tickets for Swift’s  upcoming Red tour are going through the roof and giving Joe Jonas, John Mayer  and Harry Styles something to talk about.

PHOTOS: Taylor Swift Performs At Brit Awards

Red began last month and goes through November, has already outsold the Jonas Brothers Tour 2012/2013 by a staggering 19:1!

Taylor is outselling John Mayer’s summer Born and Raised tour by an even more amazing 57:1.

PHOTOS: Taylor Swift In The March 2013 Issue Of Elle

Harry Styles and his group One Direction‘s Up All Night tour has been selling nearly 30 percent more tickets than Swift but considering the profits are split five ways, Taylor is way ahead of her most recent ex.

Putting it all together, as our friends at StubHub did, Taylor is selling double the tickets of her former BFs.

PHOTOS: The Good, The Bad & The Most Outrageous Twitter Photos Of The Week

Jane Seymour, James Keach Confirm Radar Report: We’re Negotiating ‘Terms Of Divorce’
13-04-2013, 09:46 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Jane Seymour and her fourth husband, James Keach, have confirmed they’ve split and are currently negotiating “terms of their divorce,” as RadarOnline.com first revealed earlier Friday.

“Jane Seymour and James Keach confirm that they are separated and have been for several months,” a spokesperson for the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman star said.

PHOTOS: Stars Over 60 Who Have Gone Under The Knife

“At this time they are negotiating the terms of their divorce. They will continue their relationship as devoted parents to their children, as business associates and partners and in their joint dedication to preserving and furthering the charitable endeavors that they’ve worked on throughout their marriage.”

PHOTOS: A-Listers Before They Were Stars

The actress and her producer/director husband were married in 1993 and have two children together, twins John and Kristopher, 17. As we reported, 62-year-old Seymour had become suspicious of Keach’s “wandering eye,” according to a source close to the ex-couple.

PHOTOS: Celebrities Who Have Gotten Pregnant Over 40

“She’s finally had with his antics and kicked him out of the house,” the insider told RadarOnline.com. “Some of her dearest friends have been warning her about James’ wandering eye and rumored infidelity, but she never wanted to believe it.”

How Kelly Osbourne Lost 70 Pounds: Her Diet And Workout Tricks Revealed
13-04-2013, 09:46 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Kelly Osbourne is revealing all the secrets to her weight loss success!

The Fashion Police star, who dropped a whopping 70 pounds since 2009, reveals all of her stay-fit tips in the May 2013 issue of SELF  – and RadarOnline.com has the details.

The 28-year-old, who is currently dating chef Matthew Mosshart, makes sure to break a sweat on a daily basis, but mixes up her workouts andcombines them with cardio.

PHOTOS: Kelly Osbourne Shows Of Her Fabulous Bikini Body

“I get in a solid half hour of cardio daily, usually intervals on the treadmill, and whatever else I feel like that day – weights, yoga or pilates,” she reveals.

“I have a Hoopnotica hula hoop,” she gushes about her fat-melting obsession. “I use it every day, it’s made my bad and arms stronger, and my waist has gone down 2 inches.”

PHOTOS: Take A Tour Of Ozzy And Sharon Osbourne’s Malibu Beach Pad

To curb her hunger, Kelly has a strategic eating plan.

“I eat my fattiest meal in the A.M. If I’m craving pizza, I’ll have it for breakfast, salad for lunch and oatmeal for dinner.”

Having trouble getting pumped up to workout?

PHOTOS: Diet Divas

“I dress up for the gym,” she confines to the magazines about her motivation secret. “That way, when you see your reflection in the mirror, you’re like, ‘Oh, I look cute!’ not ‘Get me out of here!’”

At the end of the day, Kelly points out that it is important to work with what you have and not to compare yourself to others.

“I don’t compare myself to anybody else. It’s OK to have a healthy envy and look up to somebody and set goals, but you have to realizethat you’re never going to be exactly that person. Wishing you were Angelina Jolie or J.Lo isn’t going to change the fact

Nancy Grace Slams Jodi Arias Nasty Tweet!
13-04-2013, 09:46 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Jodi Arias’ bitter Tweets have been short and to the point, and while the prosecutor hasn’t commented on her 140 character insults , Nancy Grace exclusively told RadarOnline.com that she expected nothing less from the woman accused of brutally murdering Travis Alexander.

“I have bigger concerns that Jodi Arias shooting a bird,” the acid-tongued HLN host said on Friday afternoon.

“She does not faze me! Although I am glad she is watching the show from behind bars.”

The Tweet Jodi sent said “Actually Nancy, that finger was for you. Have a nice day,” and ripped into the network with: “HLN is an acronym for Haters Love Negativity.”

PHOTOS: Jodi Arias And Travis Alexander’s Exchange Of Text Messages

On the Nancy Grace show  Thursday night, the woman behind Jodi’s Tweets called in and said she was doing the postings to give Jodi a voice behind bars.

Donavan Bering seems like a nice person,” Nancy said diplomatically about the women who met and began her friendship with Jodi behind bars.

“I am sure she is attempting to be a good friend to Jodi but this rates right on up there with the “fog.” Jodi used her middle finger to shoot a bird and then she’s claiming that it was unintentional and she was pushing up her glasses? Well her tweets were not unintentional.

PHOTOS: Jodi Arias Murder Trial: The 44 Most Important Evidence Photos

“All Jodi does is take an action and then make up a lie about it. That is her SOP – standard operating procedure.”

The former prosecutor from Atlanta told RadarOnline.com that Jodi’s nasty Tweet is par for the course from criminals.

“Look, I would get death threats from Fulton County Jail every other week.  I have not lost any sleep over Jodie Arias.”

PHOTOS: Jodi Arias Poses For Sexy Pictures

Nancy said that she doesn’t plan on getting back at Jodi Arias for her rudely flipping the bird in court.

“I’m tempted to shoot the bird back but I have to give things like that up when I had the twins!”

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Jessica Simspon’s Battling Parents Work Out Agreement To Go To Her Baby Shower
13-04-2013, 09:46 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Jessica Simpson has found a solution to her baby shower dilemma.

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, the 32-year-old singer-turned-fashion-designer wants to invite her mom Tina and dad Joe to the party, but her parents don’t want to be in the same room together.

However, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that Joe, 55, will arrive later at the shower giving Tina, 53, enough time to leave before he comes!

“Joe and Tina are going to tag team the wedding. It will be a one in, one out situation,” a source close to the Simpson family tells Radar.

“Joe has agreed to come a little later so Tina can slip out before he gets there to avoid any drama on Jessica’s big day.

“They both were desperate to come and support their daughter, but it’s been a little bit difficult with everything that’s been going on between the pair.

“But Jessica is delighted that an amicable agreement has been reached and they will both be in attendance.

“Now, Jessica can’t wait to celebrate and just wants the day to be a big success,” the source says.

As RadarOnline.com previously reported , Jessica’s baby shower plans had gone awry when her parents said they didn’t want to be in the same room together. It left Jessica in an uncomfortable position almost forcing her to choose between the two, or not invite either.

And despite her differences with Joe, Jessica still invited him to the baby shower because she wanted him to be part of the celebration.

“Jessica naturally wants Tina there, who she has grown closer to, since supporting her through the messy divorce.”

Now she’s found a way to settle the war — at least for a day.

'Nikita' Recap: The Mutiny Happens at Division
13-04-2013, 09:45 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Owen Elliot was sorely missed in last week's episode of Nikita, but never fear because Devon Sawa is back in "Masks" and his character is even more of a badass than before - after the show runs him...

Read More >

Kendall Jenner Eyes Future Job As A Victoria's Secret Angel
13-04-2013, 09:45 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner, one of the less famous siblings from the Kardashian clan, recently revealed that her "dream" job is to be a Victoria's Secret model. The 17-year-old started modeling at age 14 and w...

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Moby To Collaborate With NASA For Space-Themed Coachella Set
13-04-2013, 09:45 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Electronic dance music superstar Moby will feature over the years, and I'm really thrilled that they've offered to let me use all of these amazing visuals during my Coachella DJ set."

Read More >

Review: '42' Swings For The Bleachers!
13-04-2013, 09:45 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Hero is a word thrown around quite a bit in the world of sports. However, heroism isn’t always about obtaining play-based successes in the ring, or on the field...it’s about breaking barriers.

Read More >

Sexy Single Stars
13-04-2013, 09:45 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Katy Perry
Even celebrities are unlucky in love occasionally. Katy Perry's eight-month romance with John Mayer ended in March, and she's currently selling her 8,300-square-foot home for a $7 million. Mayer r...

Read More >

Diddy Can't Escape Kate Upton Rumors
12-04-2013, 10:36 | Category: Freemix News | Author: Dumary

Were They Spotted Kissing In Miami?
6:00AM ET April 12th, 2013
Contributor : Monica Coleman
A Rocky Williform Company

Diddy Can't Escape Kate Upton Rumors

Did he or didn't he?

While both Diddy and Kate Upton are both claiming that nothing has happened between them and they are not dating--more details keep coming to the surface indicating that there's some kind of history between the mogul and the model.

Confidenti@l claims that the twosome were spotted making out at Club LIV in Miami back on March 24. And according to reports, they have been chummy since they met on Feb. 16 of last year during a taping of the "Ellen Degeneres Show."

So Diddy is lying to save face with Cassie?

That isn't too hard to believe. He's been accused of cheating many times before.

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