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Fantasia Reveals She's No Longer With Antwaun, Says "He Learned To Not Play With People's Hearts"
24-03-2013, 11:56 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

 photo cover_april2013_fantasia_zpsa193cc82.jpg

Fantasia's covering the upcoming April 2013 issue of Sister 2 Sister.  And she dropped a couple nuggets about her and Antwaun Cook splitting, and how he learned his lesson.  Excerpts inside....



Looks like Fanny's smartened up afterall.  The "Lose To Win" singer opened up to Jamie Foster Brown of S2S about ending the relationship with her then married baby's daddy Antwaun and now focusing on herself and her kids.

On the status of her and Antwaun's relationship

Me and Antwaun, as of now, we are not together. I think it’s the best thing for us all. We had to learn how to become friends again. There was so much stuff that came out. We were all hurt along the way. There’s trust issues. There’s just a lot of stuff that kinda got put in the mix. And I, at one point, I wanted to make everybody else happy. To love him, to make sure Zion was okay, to make sure everything—but I had to get to a place where I had to learn how to love Fantasia. I never did that, Jamie. And if I don’t love myself, then I can’t be in a relationship.

On the lessons she feels he’s learned
He’ll say, “I learned that you can’t play with people’s hearts.” I think every man gets to a place of knowing that they wanna be faithful and they wanna be good fathers and good husbands and good boyfriends… Things play out for you to say, okay, it’s time for me to man up or it’s time for me to woman up. I think we both have a lot of regrets of how things just happened; it all happened so fast. I just went full-speed ahead and that’s why I was tellin’ you now. I think out everything before I do it. Everything.

The full interview will be inside the issue, on stands now.


Willow & Jaden Smith, Nick Cannon & More Hit THE 2013 KIDS' CHOICE AWARDS Orange Carpet
24-03-2013, 11:56 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

 photo Nickelodeon26thAnnualKidsChoiceAwardsH0vGgWsYDK-l_zps3c8d65c8.jpg

The Smith kids and more popped up on the orange and purple carpet of Nickelodeon’s 26th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards tonight.  Check out your fave YBF kids and celebs inside...



 photo Nickelodeon26thAnnualKidsChoiceAwards2GvDDfJMyN9l_zps7cd2b0d0.jpg 

Willow Smith and her Chanel boots walked the KCA orange carpet tonight at the USC Galen Center in L.A.  The spiked-hair 12-year-old rocked a cute white dress as she signed autographs for her fans:

 photo Nickelodeon26thAnnualKidsChoiceAwardspGh8ACCIQ3tl_zps8d9f4fe0.jpg photo Nickelodeon26thAnnualKidsChoiceAwards4mwt3-5aOfKl_zps07146501.jpg

 photo Nickelodeon26thAnnualKidsChoiceAwards9jfq0dJXNfdl_zpsd54236f5.jpg

Willow's big bro Jaden hit the carpet to promote his upcoming movie (also starring his dad Will) After Earth:

 photo Nickelodeon26thAnnualKidsChoiceAwardsKIQSVegB4Ahl_zps96b7be41.jpg

 photo Nickelodeon26thAnnualKidsChoiceAwardsSLhtv6xZMXHl_zps728a6137.jpg


He rocked an all black and leather look from his own clothing line all, MSFTS Republic.  He said on the carpet that he specially designed the look for the KCA's.  And he created Kylie Jenner's red carpet look as well.

And dude even had some fun on the trampoline after chatting up his fans.

 photo 80af4753-cbaa-3c1b-9bea-2f93812cf313_zps437ad7f3.jpg

Olympus Has Fallen star Angela Bassett brought her daughter Bronwyn on the carpet for some fun.

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-23at85730PM_zps2aabcfa2.png

Terrence J. hosted the red carpet show for E! News.

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-23at85829PM_zps7e73bf33.png

And got fly with his co-host Khloe Kardashian.

 photo Nickelodeon26thAnnualKidsChoiceAwardsOZClBEQCq3Nl_zps755eb325.jpg

TEEN Nick chairman Nick Cannon hit the carpet and had some fun with the fans:

 photo Nickelodeon26thAnnualKidsChoiceAwardsgyeNfSI4KHXl_zpsd918c043.jpg

 photo Nickelodeon26thAnnualKidsChoiceAwardsADqZRgUBYFMl_zps911e4a77.jpg

He also did a little side hosting to accompany the show's host Josh Duhamel.

 photo Nickelodeon26thAnnualKidsChoiceAwardshNaZxmOxzlwl_zps6dcdfc97.jpg

 photo Nickelodeon26thAnnualKidsChoiceAwardsQ-CUWNlIaCVl_zps435a2866.jpg 

Hunger Games cutie Amandla Stenberg showed up in a turquoise striped dress.

 photo Nickelodeon26thAnnualKidsChoiceAwards0-itnr2iAXHl_zpsef77b56f.jpg 

 photo Nickelodeon26thAnnualKidsChoiceAwardsc30YqUoeTBgl_zpsab847067.jpg  

And Gabby Douglas was on hand to present an award for the night.

Fun times.



24-03-2013, 11:56 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-24at91206AM_zps88b4489a.png

We said it would take a week...but they lasted a little bit longer.  Two weeks after Joseline blasted Stevie J (again) for having STDs, a broke bank account and everything else in between, the twosome are back together.  So much for firing him as her manager....


This weekend in North Carolina, "Love & Hip Hop ATL"'s favorite dysfunctional couple, Joseline Hernandez & Stevie J, made their way to Raleigh, NC together. 

Joseline swore up and down earlier this month that she fired Stevie J as her manager for good, called him out for all his disgusting behavior, accused him of having sex with men, diseases, and an empty bank account.  And as they have in the past, they seem to have gotten back together.  We guess Stevie's public threats to Joseline about what would happen if she left changed chick's mind.

Break ups to make ups are one thing, but your girl PUBLICLY blasting you about many things and both of you acting like it never happened...ain't hot.  Both parties look special in the end, but if they like it....

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-24at91220AM_zps32648ac0.png  photo ScreenShot2013-03-24at91229AM_zps8c479007.png

Jos and Stevie posted pics from Stevie's paid appearance at the Star Bar in Raleigh last night.  It was the official afterparty for the Women's Empowerment Event in the city, which Stevie also participated in.

We're not sure how exactly Stevie and his bus are about to empower women or why anyone thought it would be a fabulous idea to have him represent their movement.  Yet and still, he was part of the event along with Fantasia and Kandi Burruss:

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-24at91049AM_zps53635a0b.png


 photo ScreenShot2013-03-24at91303AM_zps85643fa1.png

Stevie & Jos snapped pics together back at their hotel.  We guess we'll see everything play out on the new season of "LAHH ATL." 


Photos via Instagram

Break-In At Paris Hilton’s Mansion!
24-03-2013, 11:55 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

UPDATE:  Hilton appears to have been the latest victim of “Hollywood swatting,” where a false burglary call is made in an attempt to bring the SWAT team to a residence.  Paris was not at home when the incident occurred.

You’d think they’d know better….burglars attempted to break into Paris Hilton‘s Los Angeles mansion Saturday, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

The socialite’s house in the exclusive, guarded and gated Mulholland Estates, has its own security system as well but burglars decided to try their odds anyway, a source tells us.

LAPD is on the scene.

PHOTOS: Paris Hilton Takes An On Stage Breather From Birthday Partying!

Story developing….

PHOTOS: Paris Hilton Takes An On Stage Breather From Birthday Partying!

Is This Hollywood’s Happiest Family? Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner & Their Girls PDA At Street Fair
24-03-2013, 11:55 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner took their daughters Seraphina and Violet to a neighborhood street fair on Saturday, and the family had a blast.

While the girls kept busy getting balloon creations from the street vendors, Ben and Jen put on a non-stop PDA.

PHOTOS:  Ben Affleck & Jen Garner’s PDA At Street Fair

Ben could barely keeps his hands off his actress wife.  The Argo Oscar-winner was constantly hugging Jen and whispering in her ears.  Jen was all smiles and laughs in return.

The Afflecks are regular attendees at family-oriented events in Pacific Palisades, where neighbors are used to seeing them without bodyguards and without any pretense of fame.

PHOTOS:  Jennifer Garner Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day With Her Kids

Married seven years, Ben and Jen also have a year-old son, Samuel.

PHOTOS: Jennifer Garner All Smiles With Violet And Samuel

Brandi Glanville: ‘I’m Not A Slut…Or A Stupid Bitch!’
24-03-2013, 11:55 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Brandi Glanville haters who think she’s just a dumb blonde, who sleeps around and spouts colorful putdowns, take note. The reality TV queen says she’s not a slut and she’s actually quite smart.

The 40-year-old The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star makes her comments in a question and answer session with fans on the OK! magazine website.

Asked to name the biggest misconception people have about her that she finds the most annoying, Brandi was quick with a response.

PHOTOS: Brandi Glanville Rocks A Skimpy Pink Bikini

She said: “There’s a lot. I really get annoyed when people say: ‘Oh, you’re actually smart’. It’s such a backhanded compliment.

“I think that I wouldn’t be where I am today was I not smart in getting through everything that I’ve gotten through.

“But when someone says that ‘Oh you’re actually smart’ or ‘You’re actually nice’, I’m like: ‘Am I supposed to be a stupid bitch all the time?’

PHOTOS: Brandi Glanville Rocks A Skimpy Pink Bikini

“So that bugs me.”

Brandi, who once confessed that Hollywood star Gerard Butler is one of her former lovers, also wants people to know that she is “not a slut.”

“I’m really not,” she says. She then jokingly adds: “I wanna be.”

PHOTOS: Real Housewives Show Off Their Hot Bikini Bodies!

But Brandi clarifies her current relationship status, saying: “I don’t sleep around.  I’m dating all these guys. I’m not sleeping with anyone.

“And if you sleep with someone I think you should be in a committed relationship with that person.”

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, in a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Brandi’s cast mates gossiped about her sex life amid claims she had a threesome and was found naked in the bathroom at Kyle Richards’ white party.

Bad Girls Club Star Rocky Has Her First – And Very Noisy! – Lesbian Experience
24-03-2013, 11:55 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Raquel ‘Rocky’ Santiago and her friend ‘Rice’ take their relationship to a whole other level on the upcoming episode of Bad Girls Club: Atlanta.

The saucy friends have sex for the first time and RadarOnline.com has a sneak peek of the episode.

It’s Rocky’s first lesbian encounter and her noisy moans leave her nosey roommates giggling as they listen in.

PHOTOS: Stars Who Have Come Out As Gay

Fellow Bad Girl Nancy Denise says: “Rocky and Brittany [Rice] are having sex. I’m like: ‘Oh no. This is Rocky’s first lesbian experience’. I was so nervous for her.”

Watch the full episode on Oxygen on Tuesday 8 pm.

PHOTOS: 48 Stars Who Have Come Out As Gay Or Bisexual

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Joe Weider, Bodybuilding Pioneer Who Discovered Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dies At 93
24-03-2013, 11:55 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Joe Weider, the bodybuilding pioneer who discovered a teenage Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was a teenager participating in a European contest, died Saturday.

The Montreal-born Weider’s own story was a rags-to-riches life similar to Schwarzenegger’s.  He left school at 12 to go to work and help his family pay the bills. He later took up bodybuilding so he could defend himself against neighborhood bullies.

PHOTOS: Arnold & Ex-Wife Maria Shriver Through The Years

He’s responsible for popularizing bodybuilding, thanks in large part to his magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, Flex, Men’s Fitness and Shape.  He also created the Mr. Olympia contest.

“When you push yourself to the limit in the gym, you begin to get feelings of vigor and power and self-esteem.  Body builders don’t walk on their powerful legs — they float. They actually feel a little sorry for the average person, struggling to feel worthwhile, wasting his vitality, watching his body deteriorate,” the New York Times quoted Weider as saying.

PHOTOS:  Arnold Schwarzenegger Rides His Motorcycle Through Malibu

Schwarzenegger issued a statement celebrating the life of his former mentor, calling Weider “the godfather of fitness who told all of us to ‘Be Somebody with a Body.’ He taught us that through hard work and training we could all be champions.”

Weider was 93 years-old at the time of his death in Los Angeles. He is survived by his wife Betty Weider.

PHOTOS: Move Over Arnold, Other Celebs Involved In Baby Scandals!

Dwayne Johnson Calls Clint Eastwood His 'One & Only Man Crush'
24-03-2013, 11:54 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Dwayne Johnson
After missing out on the chance to meet his Hollywood hero at the Academy Awards in February, wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne Johnson sent a fan letter to his "one and only man crush" Clint Eastwood. ...

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Review: 'Spring Breakers' Is The Most Unforgettable Movie Of The Year, So Far
24-03-2013, 11:54 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Muse Productions
"'Spring Breakers' is a challenge," says movie critic Richard Roeper of the new film starring James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens, and Selena Gomez. "It makes us think about the hedonistic hell of that ...

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Falling Still: The Charming Life Story of an Exceptional Rock Band
24-03-2013, 11:54 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Falling Still
The rock band Falling Still is living the dream: forming a band with your childhood friends and seeing it through to professional success. BFTV recently caught up with Falling Still's singer/guitar...

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Rihanna Arrives Three Hours Late For School Visit - But Has A Good Reason
24-03-2013, 11:54 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Rihanna was three hours late in meeting school children in Chicago, Illinois, on Friday as a result of heavy traffic.   During a break from her North American tour, she visit students at Barrington...

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Tilda Swinton Sleeps In A Box At New York's MoMA
24-03-2013, 11:54 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Tilda Swinton
On Saturday, Tilda Swinton surprised fans at New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) by spending the whole day sleeping inside a glass box. The actress, 52, took up residence in the art installation...

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Pregnant Kate Middleton Braves The Snow For The Scouts!
23-03-2013, 07:19 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Kate Middleton deserves a badge for braving the snow with the Scouts!

The pregnant Duchess of Cambridge bundled up her baby bump in an olive green jacket, a pair of jeans and her favorite $450 Le Chameau Wellington boots and accessorized her outfit with a Scout scarf around her neck.

The mom-to-be is a volunteer with the Scout Association and she visited the Great Tower Scout camp in Cumbria on Friday.

PHOTOS:  Kate Middleton Visits With Scouts

As snow fell Kate stayed warm by the camp fire and laughed with the Scouts as they cooked on an outdoor grill.

Uk Chief Scout Bear Grylls spoke about Kate’s involvement with the organization the DailyMail reported.

PHOTOS: Kate Middleton’s Baby Bump Takes Center Stage In Cream Coat

The Duchess has an incredibly busy life yet, since she joined the Scouts, she has so generously managed to volunteer some incredible time to help out and get involved with her local group.

“Over the last few years it has been our mission to make it easier for adults to give as much or as little as they are able – it is how we change our society: many people doing a little bit.”

Kate and Prince William  have announced that the royal baby will be born in July.

Kate Middleton Recycles Entire Outfit Again!

Lindsay Lohan Won’t Face Prosecution In New York Nightclub Assault Case
23-03-2013, 07:19 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

The Florida fortune teller who claimed she was assaulted by Lindsay Lohan in a New York nightclub is “disappointed” that the District Attorney has decided against prosecuting the troubled actress, her lawyer Gloria Allred tells RadarOnline.com.

Tiffany Mitchell said Lohan, 26, struck her at hotpsot Avenue on November 29, causing her injury.

“Tiffany is very disappointed that the District Attorney has not decided to prosecute Lindsay Lohan as a result of the incident in New York involving Tiffany Mitchell and Ms. Lohan,” Allred said in a statement.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan’s Mugshot Hall Of Fame

“Tiffany had two witnesses who spoke to the District Attorney and corroborated what Tiffany alleged to have occurred.

“Tiffany also suffered injuries  in the incident and provided photographs of her injuries to the District Attorney.  These injuries required medical care.

PHOTOS: Celebs Who Have Done Jail Time

“Despite this evidence, the District Attorney has not prosecuted Ms. Lohan. The District Attorney has never told us that there was any issue about Tiffany’s credibility, nor did the District Attorney indicate that their office believed that what Tiffany reported was unfounded.

“Nevertheless, it appears that the District Attorney’s office feels that the case against Ms. Lohan cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, which is the high burden of proof required for conviction in a criminal case.”

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan’s Mugshot Hall Of Fame

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, a Palm Beach socialite labeled Tiffany a “professional liar.”

“Ms. Mitchell is considering all of her legal options in the civil justice system because of what she suffered that night.” Allred added.

Rihanna Leaves 2000 School Children Waiting As She Arrives Over 3 Hours Late For Appearance
23-03-2013, 07:19 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Rihanna was on the receiving end of some very angry fans on Friday after she left them waiting three and a half hours for a promised appearance at a Chicago school.

The singer was set to take the stage at Barrington High School after they won first place in the national ‘Shine Like A Diamond’ contest.

However she left the 2,000 kids waiting in the gymnasium for more than three hours with many of them blogging and tweeting their frustration at her time keeping.

PHOTOS: RiRi & Kate Moss In Sexy Shoot

“Looks like I’m not the only impatient person!!,” wrote one pupil. “#everyoneisleaving”

“Kids are frustrated, hungry, annoyed and are even leaving to go to work,”  blogged Barrington Life on The Chicago Sun-Times.

The live video blog showed the children who hadn’t walked out having dance contests to while away the time.

PHOTOS: RiRi’ & Brown Steamy In Hawaii

When she was an hour and a half late she gave a glimmer of hope that she was still coming by tweeting.

“On my way to Barrington High School in Chicago! I can’t wait to meet these kids man!! They’re major inspirational life changers.”

However almost half an hour after that she posted a photo of herself on the freeway with the tagline “This Chicago traffic is now working.”

The singer did finally turn up and was dressed down in a varsity jacket and pencil skirt, but did not acknowledge her late arrival, instead she spoke about the winning video.

PHOTOS: RiRi’s Sexiest Looks Over The Years

“I was so impressed and touched seeing the video,” she said. “I wanted to come and express that to you in person.”

She then called the producers of the video on stage and told them to “keep up the good work” before giving them all hugs. She then stayed to have pictures taken with groups of other students.

Her appearance lasted all of twelve minutes.

Rihanna is set to perform at the United Center in Chicago tonight.

Catch Him If You Can! Man Impersonates Pilot
23-03-2013, 07:19 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Like a scene from the Leo DiCaprio movie, a man managed to board a US Airways flight in Philadelphia, claiming to be a pilot!  He was wearing an Air France uniform and had an Air France bag, and got as far as being seated in the jump seat behind the real pilot before it was discovered he had no business being on the plane.  Philippe Jernnard, 61, a French citizen, was arrested and is being held on $1 million bail.

Crocodile Dundee? Scott Disick Goes Alligator Hunting On Kourtney & Kim Take Miami
23-03-2013, 07:19 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Has Scott Disick finally met his match?

Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy looks at times animated and scared when he comes face to face with an alligator in the upcoming episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami.

And when the deadly reptile turns and hisses at him, the 29-year-old reality TV star jumps out of his skin.

On Sunday night E! viewers will see the father-of-two trawling the swamps of Florida on the hunt for the wild creatures.

PHOTOS: Kourtney Kardashian Wears A Turban In Miami

Wearing army combats and sitting on the back of an airboat, Scott joins alligator farm owner Wayne Brooks as they go searching for the reptiles in the middle of the night.

As they approach one alligator Scott squeals with excitement like a little boy, saying: “Is that an alligator right there…? Oh my God. There’s one!”

Later, talking to the camera, he says: “When the boat starts getting closer and closer to this alligator my adrenalin is definitely pumping.

PHOTOS: Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick’s Family Album

“Wayne is a professional alligator hunter but I gotta tell you it’s pretty nerve-wracking.”

Not as nerve-wracking as when the two men jump out of the boat to approach the toothy predator. As Scott carries a pistol, Wayne shouts: “Come on we can get on this one… You got the gun ready?”

PHOTOS: Kourtney Kardashian And Scott Disick Dote On Penelope At The Park

When the alligator turns its head to look at him, Scott can be heard saying: “You want it in the back of the head?”

The full episode airs on E! on Sunday at 9/8c.

Nicole Eggert Opens Up About Her Battle With Acrophobia On 'Splash!'
23-03-2013, 07:19 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Splash TV
Actress Nicole Eggert has been battling a crippling fear of heights during her stint on the version of diving show Splash!, insisting it's a struggle just to climb the steps to the board. The for...

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First Shot From Beyonce's H&M Campaign Revealed - And It's Hot!
23-03-2013, 07:19 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Beyonce H&M Ad
Beyonce relaxes in a lounge chair in the Bahamas in a new image for fashion retailer H&M. The sexy pop star is wearing a low-cut white blouse; printed short, shorts; an armful of gold bangles and b...

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Celebrity Birthdays - March 23, 2013
23-03-2013, 07:19 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Michelle Monaghan
Happy Birthday to: Actress Michelle Monaghan (1976) Actor Steven Strait (1986) Actress Nicholle Tom (1978) Blogger Perez Hilton (1978) Actress Keri Russell (1976) Actor Kelly Perine (1969) ...

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Where Are They Now: Charisma Carpenter, AKA Cordelia From 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'
23-03-2013, 07:19 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Charisma Carpenter
You probably remember Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, but did you know she was named after a perfume? Catch up with Charisma with some of the latest ph...

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Ashley Greene Loses Home & Dog In Fire
23-03-2013, 07:19 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Ashley Greene
"Twilight" star Ashley Greene not only lost her historic condo today, but it also appears she lost one of her beloved pets in a house fire.

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T.I., Usher, Toya & More PARTY IT UP With D'Usse Cognac In Atlanta
22-03-2013, 12:11 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

 photo jeeze10_zpsdac20c19.jpg

Last night, celebs and semi-celebs hit up the official tasting of Jay-Z’s D’USSE Cognac hosted by T.I. at Vanquish Lounge in Atlanta.  Check out who came out to party with some "drank" inside....


 photo jeeze7_zps9d60f42c.jpg

Toya Wright and her friend Shaneka Adams partied with The Gidewon Group and Jacob York Presents at the one night only event last night.


 photo jeeze8_zps5326429b.jpg 

Buckeey broke away from trying to land another spot on the new season of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" long enough to attend.

 photo jeeze6_zps0e069bf5.jpg

T.I. performed for the crowd and introduced new music.  He also performed an exclusive remix to Drake’s single “Started From the Bottom”.

 photo jeeze18_zps2d23814e.jpg

TIP's homies Usher and Jeezy were in the mix:

 photo jeeze4_zps9ea5a6bd.jpg  photo jeeze3_zps7972f271.jpg    photo jeezz1_zps796a03a8.jpg  photo jeeze16_zps7738f3a8.jpg

 photo jeeze2_zpsfa3ef0c5.jpg

And look who else?  Stalkin' Walter...

 photo jeeze15_zps47487cd8.jpg  photo jeeze13_zps7951dc73.jpg   photo breeze22_zpsd67e957f.jpg

And Jermaine Dupri also came out to kick it with the homies.  Fun times.


Photo Credit: CME 3000/The Gidewon Group and Jacob York Presents

DO WE LOVE IT: Jennifer Hudson's Curve HUGGING White Dress
22-03-2013, 12:11 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary


 photo article-2297345-18D98E97000005DC-901_634x871.jpg

Academy-Award winning actress Jennifer Hudson stepped out in a body-hugging white dress and white pumps with bangs and long wavy tresses last night.  Find out where she went and decide if we love the look inside....


 photo ScreenShot2013-03-22at81630AM.png

Jennifer Hudson performed at the first annual Amy Winehouse Foundation Inspiration Awards and Gala at The Waldorf Astoria in New York last night and rocked a body hugging white dress which accentuated her ample bosom and tiny waist line.  The Weight Watchers spokeswoman paired her look with tricky white pumps--one of the trendy colors of spring.

 photo article-2297345-18D9B4F3000005DC-798_634x1017.jpg

 photo article-2297345-18D9B35C000005DC-11_634x638.jpg


The "Smash" star, who's all set to play a dramatic role in Lifetime's upcoming movie about mental illness Call Me Crazy: A Five Film, made a bold white statement during her performance and presentation. So......



SPEAKING OUT: Lil' Wayne Releases Video Saying, "I'm More Than Good" + Promotes Upcoming Tour With T.I.
22-03-2013, 12:11 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-22at73622AM.png

Lil' Wayne taped a message for concerned fans to let them know he is doing well and appreciates the love.  And he only sent it to the site he's been beefing with.  Watch what he said inside and see rapper T.I. drop in to show some support AND promote their upcoming tour....



In a video made for TMZ, and directed by DJ Scoob Doo, Lil' Wayne shot a taped message for his fans (taped Wednesday night at 11:30pmPT) in response to all the rumors about his hospitalization and alleged drug overdose. Lil' Tunechi starts off the clip with some Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation-realness where he counts down "5-4-3-2-1" and thanks his fans for all of the love and support they showed while he was in the hospital. 

"I just want to say thank you to all ya'll for ya'll prayers and your concerns and all that. I swear to God I felt that love when I was laid up in that mother----in' hospital bed. I want all ya'll to know that I'm good ... more than good." 

Then he announced that his album, I Am Not A Human Being II, will still drop on March 26.

He was then joined by T.I. and the fellas used the moment to promote their upcoming tour, which will kick off on July 5, saying, "Get you some barbecue on the 4th and holla at us on the 5th."

Then before he got up to leave, Weezy looked at the camera and said.  "Kiss my fist." 

And in his most vulnerable moment on tape, he said, "I'm more than good. But thank you for real. Thank you to all ya'll out there for your prayers. I'm more than good. I swear to God, thank you."

And whatever was going on in the hotel room (prior to shooting the video) had both of their Southern drawls dialed up to level 10!  The last part of the video will be hard to understand for folks who grew up above the Mason Dixon line. 

But for what it's worth, Lil' Tunechi is back!

Watch the video here:

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames.



Malcolm Jamal Warner SPLITS With "Heartbroken" Regina King + Rick Ross, Tyga & Allen Iverson Cover XXL/SLAM’s ‘Kings of the Game’ Issue
22-03-2013, 12:11 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

 photo MalcolmJamalWarnerAndReginaKingStillTogether-1.jpg

One of Hollywood's most fab & under the radar couples, Malcolm Jamal Warner and Regina King, have split. More details inside and see Rick Ross, Tyga and Allen Iverson cover both XXL and SLAM’s ‘Kings of the Game’ Issue.....



Actors Malcolm Jamal Warner and "Southland" star Regina King are on the outs...and it seems like it was Malcolm's decision.  A source close to the couple confirmed the split to US Weekly saying, "He said he wasn't feeling it anymore."  Damn.

The two celebs have been friends since their early days in Hollywood as child actors (Malcolm was on "The Cosby Show" and Regina starred on "227"), but now things have gone south.  Though it took the couple a long time to confirm their relationship, often avoiding paparazzi pics together, the relationship seems to have soured rather abruptly. 

Malcolm has allegedly asked Regina and her young son (from her marriage to Ian Alexander Jr.) to move out of the home they shared. The source added, "She's still very brokenhearted."


And in magazines....... 

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XXL and SLAM have joined forces for their first collaborative issue which puts hip hop and basketball (as well as corporate sponsor Reebok) front and center. It's called the "Kings of the Game" issue and features Rick Ross, Tyga and Allen Iverson on the cover.  All three are spokesmen and creators for Reebok.  The issue hits magazine racks in New York this weekend and the rest of the country next week.

Watch BTS video here:


Speaking of basketball, one crazed fan ran to the court at the Heat's recent game in Cleveland to beg LeBron James to return to the Cavaliers!  LeBron said,"Well, he said he missed me. And come back please. And I didn’t have much time to say much to him, because security got to him." 

Peep the crazy clip above...


LISTEN Up: Belize’s Tanya Carter Records “Ex-Boyfriend” in Jamaica
22-03-2013, 07:41 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

The sultry voice from Belize meets authentic Reggae.

After more than two dozen performances across the world, Belizean songstress, Tanya Carter, has decided to spread her wings to Jamaica. Excited about crossing over to Reggae, she has been working closely with Christopher Birch of Birchill Records, who produced and co-wrote her newest single: “Ex-boyfriend.”

Singing since the age of 5, Tanya takes her inspiration from Jamaican greats: Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, and Burning Spear; and discovered at an early age her passion for Reggae and Jamaica culture. The Belizean is no stranger to Jamaicans, having opened for Etana, Luciano, Lexxus and Morgan Heritage and decided to come to the home of Reggae music to get a better understanding of the culture around the genre she loves, and to work with some of the best producers in the business.

Screen Shot from Exboyfriend

With several years of performing under her belt, she is currently working on her second album, which contains Reggae, Jazz, Electro, Pop, Dancehall and R&B infusions. Her versatility knows no bounds and her passion for music has resulted in a number of accolades. The greatest of which is being named “Best Female Vocalist of the Year” at the Belize Music Awards three years in a row (2010, 2011 and 2012). Tanya’s debut album Daydreaming was named the best album in Belize upon its release in 2011 and tunes from the album graced the airwaves in Jamaica, Los Angeles, Africa, Mexico and even climbed to number 3 on the Lithuanian music charts.

Now, on a path to making authentic Reggae music, Tanya’s new single “Ex-boyfriend”, features an infectious beat and catchy lyrics; and fully captures the emotions involved with having an ex-lover you are not quite over, something many ladies, and even some men, can identify with.

She belts out: “I never knew this feeling that you’re giving me would take me to another place with your love, see I never knew the loving was so good that it scared me and it made me want to fly away with your love”

Tanya shows her command of patois in the chorus where she sings: “Although mi new man a treat me right, mi wah back mi ex-boyfriend”.

And the story continues to unravel, after she confesses: “I must admit I’m not over you although we parted ‘bout a year or two, my new man he’ll never know, you’re the star of my show”.

Christopher Birch of Birchill Records says he was happy to work with Tanya:”She is a real artiste, a great singer with the full package, she writes, she harmonizes, she is very talented and it was a pleasure working with her. I think she can make it in this industry, Reggae is a very aggressive industry, so she has to put out the right energy, which I think she has. We have plans for more tunes, and the next one is very catchy, so Jamaica needs to watch for Tanya.”

OFFICIAL VIDEO: Aima Moses- “Make It One Day”
22-03-2013, 07:41 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Aima Moses has dropped the video for his highly anticipated Adrian Hanson-produced “Make It One Day”. The song by the Dominica born artist is a social commentary covering real issues that poor people face every day.

“Make it One Day” was shot in various sections of Kingston last month and directed by Dameon Gayle and Cornelius Grant.

In a release to the media, Aima Moses spoke about the finished product.

‘I love the finished product. The director did a good job as well as the actors. The message in the concept is similar to what the song is saying. We all gonna make it one day through every obstacle or life struggle. Once there is life, there’s a way’, Moses explained.

The video is expected to do well and is being serviced to major video outlets across the Caribbean.

So moving. Love it Aima!!!

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NEW MUSIC: Aima Moses “I’ll Be Alright”

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Dons Leather & Fur In Beverly Hills!
22-03-2013, 07:41 | Category: All Gossip Sites | Author: Dumary

Kim Kardashian might be dashing toward a due date, but it hasn’t slowed down her fashion sense.

The 32-year-old expectant mom looked chic out and about in Beverly Hills Thursday clad in a high-waisted black leather skirt, and we’ve got the shots for you right here on RadarOnline.com.

PHOTOS: Kim K. Out And About In Beverly Hills

The socialite topped off her high fashion look with a fur stole, Louboutin pumps and perfectly even bangs.

Kim, who’s expecting a baby with Kanye Westtweeted late Thursday, “There’s still time to bid on some of my fab pieces, proceeds support the Life Change Community Church,” along with a link to an eBay page advertising her wares.

PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian’s Simple Life Since Meeting Kanye West

As we previously reported, Kim, who’s quite the open book on her TV show, kept mum earlier this week during a long and tense deposition in her divorce with Kris Humphries.

“The deposition was long and grueling, and Kris Humphries‘ attorney, Lee Hutton, was extremely thorough. Kim was asked what media outlets she talks to, off the record, because Kris believes she has planted negative stories about him in the press,” a source close to the situation told RadarOnline.com exclusively.

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